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I Hung Up on 100 People

If you were on the Free Conference Call last Tuesday night, you were one of the people I hung up on.   It was a confusing few minutes for me because I was trying to figure out if the cry I was hearing from my daughter in the other room was a hunger cry, cranky cry or something else.  My partner, James, was holding her and warming a bottle for her, but the cry became more and more an “I need my mom cry”.  

Even though there were about 100 people on the phone, it became clear to me who I needed to take care of in that moment.  It was a no brainer for me; I chose my daughter.

I’ve always held a lot of integrity around my work.  I’ve seem to have run a tight ship as a healer and business owner, as well as hosting the Free Conference Call Healing every 3rd Tuesday of the month (with a few exceptions) for the past 11 years.  So, even though I know I did the right thing in hanging up the call, it’s not easy for me to let people down.

Then, later that night, I checked my inbox and I received these messages:

“Dear Wendy, I so honor you prioritizing the care of your baby!!!

“Wendy mama, so much love to you and your little one. New moon calls you to be with her and that is so perfect. No regrets! Mother love is the most important and clearly the healing for tonight’s call! So much compassion and love as you find your way in motherhood and professional. It’s all perfect. “

“You are such a good model for mothering.. You model how to be a great mom for me.. thank you! ?I am so glad that you got off the call last night because she needed you. That was a powerful teaching moment…”

I am living through what many parents and care takers already know and I’m so grateful for the compassion and understanding you have sent my way. 

Ironically, at the moment I had to end the call I was talking about clearing past regrets.  I knew, if I didn’t choose my daughter in that moment, I would regret it. My intuition was so loud at that moment, and if I ignored it, I would regret that. 

In this time of finding my way as a mom, I am going to feel out whether I will be able to hold the Free Conference Call Healing regularly.  As far as I know

In the meantime, I will send an audio recording on the 3rd Tuesday in February and March.

Please enjoy this audio in place of last Tuesday’s healing.