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Your Inner and Outer Voice: Intuition and Speaking Up

Given the state of the world right now, it’s possible that you are sitting between two feelings. One is to find solace in the world to cultivate your truth and peace of mind. The other is to speak out, take action and motivate change in your life or for the world.

Either way, you are utilizing either your inner or outer voice, and both have equal importance as the world turns right now. (Sorry, I was never much of a soap opera fan, but that one just flew out :)).

I thought it may be helpful to offer some information on what happens on the energetic level as it relates to our inner and outer voice.

Specifically, I’m talking about your Throat Chakra, and how consciousness is un-suppressing our inner and outer voice.

I created this video for you to help you get a sense of what that looks like energetically. Bear with me on this one, it’s not always easy to describe energy, and I managed to pack a lot in a 13 minute video!

I hope you find this helpful as you maneuver through what to when to speak out and when to listen internally:

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