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Is it Spiritual to Fight for What’s Right?

We are in a time where opposing sides politically, civilly ,and morally are greatly divided. It’s a time where advocacy is crucial and fighting for truth has always revolutionized change on the planet. I can wear pants, have a job and vote, and so can you if you identify as female, because women fought for us years ago. There are often confusing concepts that get tossed around in spiritual communities. One of them is the question, “Are you perpetuating violence if you are fighting for a cause?”  

I recently saw a comment on one of Brene Brown’s posts honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg by saying we will continue to fight for the legacy she left us. Someone responded saying, (and I am paraphrasing), “Fighting? Isn’t that violence?”

These comments happen all the time in spiritual circles, and while they can be damaging, they also indicate ungrounded spiritual views. When you feel your head spin and become confused in your body when reading this type of comment, I assure you, this is a natural response to the skewed perspective itself. There is a difference between traumatizing or acting out of trauma versus advocacy. Advocating is spiritual, I assure you. Please watch this video as I explain more.