Jackie Woodward

As a young girl, Jackie first noticed her gift of intuition. She didn’t think much of it, not realizing how special and powerful it was.

Jackie’s natural gifts of intuition and compassion have lead her onto the path of a healer and intuitive guide.

She helps people remove the blocks in their lives so they can see more clearly and live with greater purpose.

Whether you are dealing with a medical condition, experiencing relationship challenges, healing from loss, or seeking clarity in your career- whatever the transition you are going through everyone can benefit from working with her.

Her clear and inspiring vision and divine guidance has helped countless people see inside themselves more clearly and experience greater love, freedom, and fulfillment.

She first went through the School of Intuitive Studies in 2014 as a student healing from a divorce, a loss of her father, and a sister going through cancer. As she healed herself, she recognized her innate gifts and answered the call to help others.

Jackie incorporates her trainings and her natural gift of intuition to divinely guide and help others make lasting, positive changes in their lives.

Her professionalism along with her calm and positive demeanor will help you feel comfortable and confident working with her.

Reach out to Jackie today to take the next step on your journey within so you may see more clearly and begin living more purposely.


“Jackie has a genuine gift for helping people feel the love within that is guiding us but we’ve lost touch with. I am so grateful for the calmness, and openness she created within me so I could uncover the blocks that were holding me back from taking the next steps in my career and relationships. Her guidance is divine, inspiring and the real deal. I strongly encourage you to work with Jackie on anything that you are going through. There is no judgement, only pure love as she helps you see the things within you have been blocked for too long. You will be so grateful for letting her guide you”

Lindsay A., Chicago, IL

“Jackie has an incredible intuitive coaching style that gets to the heart of what the issue is quickly and allows the person she is coaching to take their time to explore the meaning more deeply.”

Tracy M.

“I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jackie if you want to be supported through profound transformations in your life.  Her knowingness and intuitive insight will bring clarity to what is holding you back from achieving your greatest potential.  She will gently guide you and provide you with tools to help you become empowered to create the life you want and so richly deserve.”

~ Michael W

“I immediately felt comfortable around Jackie and that there would be no judgment of anything I was going to share.  That allowed me to open up and speak about the things which I am truly struggling with.”

Solay H.

“Jackie’s warm and personable style allowed me to relax and be at ease with myself.  Jackie genuinely showed a heartfelt desire to guide me in my own journey in life.  Jackie’s confidence helped me connect with memories of loved ones and helped light a path for me to follow.  Most importantly for me, is since I have worked with Jackie, many obstacles and blocks have been removed from my life.  And, as I sit today, I am much closer to my purpose and full potential then I was before Jackie helped to guide me.  Trust in your heart, intuition and Jackie’s ability to guide you to your own unique destination.”

~ JC

“Jackie’s ability to hone in on my exact issues at hand is impeccable.  She takes that knowledge and has helped to empower me to focus my energy in the best possible way to help me reach my goals and desires.  She has a gift that is so powerful and incredible, one that you have to experience to truly understand.  When I begin doubting myself and my choices, Jackie has helped me to channel my energy in a more productive fashion.  She also makes me feel comfortable and acts in an open and loving manner.  I recommend Jackie to anyone who wants to better their life and take back control of their actions, emotions and decisions in the healthiest way.”

Wendy S.

“Jackie is a very powerful intuitive and sensitive healer.  Our sessions together have always been so helpful and eye-opening. She has a real gift of seeing what needs to be seen energetically to get to the heart of what may be blocking me, and then she relays that information in such a clear and loving way.  I look forward to our time together, and wish I had more of it!  She has a gift that is the “real deal” in the world of energetic healing.”

~ Cynthia S