Jan Gough

Over the past twenty-five years, Jan Gough has used her intuitive healing gifts in a variety of settings. As an Interfaith chaplain in teaching hospitals, she helps patients and their families identify and wrestle with the spiritual questions arising in the face of illness, and especially, in the face of death and bereavement. Using guided imagery, Reiki, intentional breathing, and intuitive awareness of the energetics of illness and death, Jan has assisted souls in crossing over and their families and friends as they grieve.

Seeing the toll of daily caregiving on families raising children and/or caring for aging or unwell family members while also needing to make a living, Jan invites everyone into a safe space to speak from their exhausted and frequently broken hearts. She introduces them to heart-healing energetic, spiritual, and physical practices designed to sustain their own health and resiliency both daily and over time.

As a certified Spiritual Director and Supervisor, Jan helps individuals and groups, including mental health professionals, spiritual leaders, and seekers of many traditions, to define and deepen their relationships with the Divine, by whatever name. That work almost always entails identifying and releasing trauma and wounds from unexamined, inherited religious and cultural belief systems. Those wounds frequently lead to energy blocks in the body, which in turn can lead to physical and psychological symptoms.

By working with the chakras — the power centers of the energetic body — beliefs that no longer serve can be released and replaced by beliefs consciously chosen by the adult self. For many people, this process leads to their first felt experience of actually being loved and cared for by a nurturing Divine force, whether referred to as “God” or by some other name. To honor that life-affirming transformation, Jan encourages creative expression like journaling, drawing, painting, drumming, singing, dancing, and other movement. She is also a firm believer in the power of laughter on the healing journey!

Now in the Advanced Intuitive Healer Training Program, Jan is serving as an Assistant for the IHTP. She is honored to offer her healing gifts through the School of Intuitive Studies and is grateful for your interest. She welcomes your questions and requests for healing sessions and looks forward to working with you via phone or Zoom.

An hour session with
Jan is $150

You can also purchase a package of (3) 1-hour sessions for $400