Jessica Zappacosta

Can you relate to having tried everything possible to improve your health and/or quality of life, without the results you desire? Are you tired of sharing your story over and over again in search of help, only to receive the same generic feedback? Does life often feel depleted, with a lack of motivation to change or lack of change despite great effort? If so, I believe Intuitive Energy Healing can help!

My energy-healing journey began as a desperate plea to help ease my struggles with autoimmune disease. In my experiences with Intuitive Energy Healing, I realize not only that I was constantly searching for answers outside of myself, but also, I was making my way through life disconnected, trying to fix everything around me, rather than truly tuning inward.

Learning how to live as an empowered empath can bring courage, strength, and perspective to live a life more in alignment with deep soul truth and connection with self. Intuitive energy healing involves using breath and energetic tools to not only reconnect to self but also, to prioritize wellness.  It is with this training and knowledge that I feel inspired to guide others along their journey to wellness- to feel what one’s body is feeling and to have the courage to listen deeply; to have emotions and allow their expression; to have a sense of choice and trust in oneself enough to follow one’s own inner guidance.

I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my husband and two adolescent children. Here, I also work as a Registered Nurse for Post Partum and Pediatric patients at the local community hospital. Using intuitive energy healing as a daily practice has helped me thrive as an empowered empath within the demands of caretaking and parenting! I am a graduate of the School of Intuitive Studies as an Advanced Intuitive Healer since 2023. I also use Reiki Level II Certification to help align with the energies of healing.

One intention for facilitating intuitive energy healing is to help others to reconnect within and realize that they have all that it takes to regain vitality, abundance, and connection to self to live an empowered life! By tuning inward, I hold a nurturing, protected, grounded, and divinely connected space for energy transformation to occur for my clients. I believe that the body holds wisdom and I want to help others find that deep soul connection and healing. It is with a strong connection to unconditional acceptance, divine love, and support that I am privileged to help guide your healing journey.

An hour session with
Jessica is $120

You can also purchase a package of (3) 1-hour sessions for $320

One Private Healing Session and three 30-Minute Check-in

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