Karen Pourboghrat

My spiritual journey began in 2006 when I was faced with a major health crisis. I quickly realized that this health crisis was more than just physical. My higher self was asking me to reconnect to my Soul and find my soul’s purpose. This began the process of healing deep emotional wounds. I learned that this process takes time and patience but finally feeling the connection to my Soul has allowed me to have more joy and self empowerment in my life.

My goal will be to support you in your healing journey. I will provide a safe and comfortable space for you by deeply and intuitively listening so you feel heard and seen. I know you will have questions as you uncover your own emotional wounds while moving through the class. I want you to know I will be there to help you and be supportive throughout this process.

I am a certified Intuitive Healer, Esoteric Healer, and Angel Therapy Practitioner and currently participate in a Planetary Healing Circle that started in 2010. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and I completed more than 15 credit hours toward a Master’s degree in Education.

An hour session with
Karen is $120

You can also purchase a package of (3) 1-hour sessions for $320

One Private Healing Session and three 30-Minute Check-in

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