Confession: My Life is Not Immaculate

Do you ever feel as if you need to escape a chaotic reality or find space to get connected to yourself and the Divine?

Well, in case this helps, I thought I’d give you a little piece about my life lately:

My life is not immaculate….nor is my relationship, or house, or my connections with friends and family who I would love to see, but can’t seem to make a plan happen because, inevitably, something derails plans in the last minute….And I’m actually writing this by talking into Siri on the iPhone so I can get this in a text file while I pick toys up off the floor.

This is my reality, and yet, I feel more grounded and fulfilled then I’ve ever felt in my life.

At one point, I was a very organized and an “on top of my game” kind of person.

There was order in my life, and simultaneously, there was a feeling of longing, loss, and heartache.

Now, it’s as if I’ve traded longing for love to longing for a clean bathtub (now having a child).

And yet everything in my life and its not-so-immaculate state is an opportunity for me to stop and find love for myself in that moment.

My choice is that I can sit in the longing that it should be better or more perfect and create that pattern of heartache for myself.

Or I can appreciate that love is messy, life is messy and in the mess, there is a very big heart that loves deeply and thinks about people.

No, my life is not immaculate, and if yours isn’t either, then maybe it will help to know that it doesn’t have to be in order to live spiritually connected or heart centered. Living spiritually connected with triggers doesn’t mean you’re bypassing the process either.

I used to think that being triggered meant that there was another part of me that wasn’t healed enough. Now what I understand, in my not-so-immaculate life, is that a trigger is an opportunity to love myself more.

Should you need a loving way to take care of yourself, here is a Guided Meditation to support you in energetically feeling more self-love.

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In the midst of to-do lists, errands, disorder, and business of life, I hope this supports you in taking a moment to stop, breathe and call down a shower of love to your heart and mind as summer winds down.

Love and blessings to you.