Linda Bayer

Our lives can be seen as a journey… sometimes the ride is smooth and sometimes it is down right rocky. The hard times can seem overwhelming and we can feel very alone.

We can feel confused, sad, anxious and depressed. When grief surfaces we may not know where to turn for help. We may not even know where the strong emotions come from.

I want you to know that you are not alone. I have been in dark places on this journey we call life and as a graduate of The Advanced Intuitive Healer Training Program, I have learned tools to transform the dense, dark, contracted energy into expansive energy. I have learned that there is always a gift under the sadness. Your power is waiting to be released on the other side of your pain.

There are times in our lives where it seems as if life is out to get us. We feel like we can’t get our feet on the ground.
But I assure you, life can be experienced as benevolent. We can invite ease and flow back into our lives. We just
need support sometimes.

I am here to help you uncover the beauty and love of your true essence so that when life presents you with
turbulence, you have the confidence and tools to stand tall in the face of adversity long enough to uncover the gift it
has for you.

Sometimes we heal a wound in one session and sometimes it takes more than one session to unravel. But it can be
done. We can heal. Your true nature is expansive, harmonious and full of brilliant light. It gets covered over by
wounds that get lodged in the energy field. I am here to help you release these contracted patterns in your field so
you can experience your true essence.

In addition to Wendy DeRosa’s Intuitive Healer Training Program and her Advanced Intuitive Healer Training
Program, I have studied and taken many courses with Eckart Tolle over the last ten years. I completed a year long
Facilitator Training Program with International teacher and healer, Jeddah Mali; completed Distance Healing from the Core, with Suzanne Scurlock, Ho’oponopono Advanced Training with Joe Vitale, and completed a BS Degree in
Speech communication and Interpersonal Development from Ithaca College, Ithaca NY.

All of these teaching brought me back to the importance of embracing myself with love and acceptance. I am here to be a mirror for you… to reflect back to you your beauty, power, wisdom and grace. I would be honored to work with you.


“I am deeply grateful to Linda for the healing sessions I have had with her. Linda’s true, unique, open hearted and non-judgmental approach to the healing process created a beautiful container for the opening and unfolding of some very deep transformational work and growth in my life.

Her compassion and love of each human being as a unique expression of the Divine, enabled me to deeply trust as she led me gently and reflectively through deep pockets of pain, resistance and wounding in my healing journey.

Her careful guidance, compassion and genuine love and respect for all parts of my being and the journey that led me to the healing path, enabled me to move through and release wounds in a beautiful and blessed way. I so appreciate the insights, knowledge and understanding I have gained through working with Linda. She openly shares her healing gifts in a gentle, humble, kind and honest way. It is coupled with a delightful sense of wonder and of humor. She is a bright and shining light on my path.”

~ Lori

I have had the good fortune to receive beautiful deep healings from Linda over the past few years. Her compassionate nature, angelic presence and grounded energy illuminates each session. I feel an ease expressing
my inner most thoughts and feelings as she honors what I bring forward. Entering a session she creates a sacred space enabling me to slow down and be present. She has a sincere desire to walk with me on my journey guiding me in a session using her intuitive skills. She is a profound healer. I have had many aha moments over the years during our time together. I feel blessed to receive healings from her.

Aurora Culkin
   Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Director

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