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[FREE Course] How To Develop Your Intuition

Twenty years ago Lindsey Fernandez began her journey into the healing arts as a massage therapist and her practice has since evolved to encompass the world of plant and tree medicine and reiki. Most recently she graduated from the Intuitive Healer Training Program at the School Of Intuitive Studies in 2018. She has studied aromatherapy and the holistic use of pure essential oils for healing physically, spiritually and emotionally for the last 12 years and teaches an Aromatherapy Certification Course in addition to intuitive consultations, assisting her clients to connect with their own self-healing abilities and deeper truths. “I believe that essential oils act as a bridge to healing, and by raising our vibrational frequency they allow us to shift through difficult patterns and blocks more quickly. By the conscious application of these plant allies we can strengthen our connection with Mother Earth. And when we are grounded and present a state of deep relaxation is more accessible, allowing for divine grace to flow through our being in a very dynamic and real way.”

In a one hour session with Lindsey, one can expect to work together to:

  • clear blocked energy on all levels. Emotional pain often manifests in the physical body.
  • opening up to receive. “I believe that a lot of dysfunction within the human body and energy field comes from a place of us being too busy to stop and simply receive healing energy from source, intuitive guidance and self love”. Take a moment to listen to what your higher self is expressing. When we ignore the whispers of our higher guidance it can turn into a scream (i.e. emotional and physical pain).
  • cut energetic cords that keep one from experiencing and living an authentic expression of one’s true self.
  • find greater balance within the chakra system.
  • receive intuitive guidance in regards to working with pure essential oils for support and continued transformation if they choose. *Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils may be purchased at additional cost.

Sessions will be held via phone, Skype or Zoom. One hour session: $120

Questions? Use the form below to send Lindsey a message.