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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Do you desire to have loving connections with yourself and others, yet you end up feeling let down, stressed, conflicted, struggle and lack of love?

If so, there is an indication that you may be looking for love in all the wrong places.

What are the wrong places?  Well, some of them include:

• Looking for the love of your life to meet you where you are.

• Looking for your perfect match.

• Setting life up perfectly so there is time for self-love and self-care.

Why are these wrong places?  They aren’t completely wrong actually, but something is missing.

You see, our hearts long to be met in the deepest place possible within us.  If our parents didn’t nurture us in that place, we feel a lack of love.  If our lovers didn’t meet us that place, we feel lack of love.  If our friends and loved ones don’t fill that void, we feel lack of love.  Yet, there is one type of love that meets that place more profoundly than you could ever have asked for.

This love is called Divine Love. 

What our spirit guides and angels want us to know is that what we truly seek, whether we realize it or not consciously, is a life that is infused with Divine Love. That desire for Divine love gets projected on other people, places, things, and experiences.  Yet, our soul has a memory of this from being unborn, and our soul journeys through this life desiring this connection again.  It is possible to experience this Divine love in our body.  We have to desire it, however.  It has to be the main love that we seek.

Are you wondering how you will have a loving partnership or connection with yourself if you make Divine Love primary? What’s ironic is that by you desiring Divine Love and choosing to have more Divinely loving experiences in your life,  you begin to shift your frequency in a way that calls to the love you have been externally seeking.  The difference is that you are not seeking it from a void of love.  Instead, you are calling a perfect match from being fulfilled by the love you are seeking.  If it’s self-love, you seek, then filling yourself up with Divine love will help you see that you are Divine love.

So, what does connecting to Divine Love look like in your life?  Here are some possibilities:

• Time to be or meditate on light filling into your heart and radiating with love.

• Visualizing a shower of light pouring down through your whole body and letting a warm feeling of love buzz around your body.

• Shifting your understanding of romance from being only about a person to feeling what it feels like to have a romantic moment with the Divine.  This can be gazing at a sunset, dangling your feet in a stream of water, swinging on a hammock in nature, taking a walk with the feeling that an angel is guiding and protecting you.  Romance is a Divinely infused moment.  How can you create those moments for yourself?

• Allowing your crown chakra, which is the power center at the top of your head, to be open and receiving love from above.  The Divine cosmic energy is very uplifting and healing.  It runs vertically through the top of your head, along with the length of your spine to your tailbone.  Allowing this light to pour in and create a beautiful pillar of light in your body will give you a sense of love filling you up and healing you from the inside out.

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