Mary Watson

Mary Watson is a versatile and experienced energy healer.

As a teenager, Mary struggled with the loss of her parents and several other family members. She found exercise as an outlet for her loneliness and suffering. As she began to heal, she discovered a passion for helping others through exercise. She became a Pilates trainer, and then a studio owner.

After extensive training in anatomy, she became a certified Movement and Postural Analyst. In working with her clients, Mary began to realize that she was an intuitive empath. This knowledge created a natural pathway to her work in energy healing.

As a Reiki master and advanced graduate from the School of Intuitive Studies, she has developed her own unique modality she refers to as Intuitive Wellness. By assessing her clients postural alignment, she can address their energetic mis-alignments.  Her approach includes working with the energetic pathways of her client’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Mary also includes intuitive healing, breath work, guided meditation, chakra balancing, Bodyreading™ and Reiki in her sessions. Working together with her clients, Mary is able to help locate, shift, and release these blocks, resulting in restoring balance and embodiment to them. She believes it is her life’s journey to help others find their own special gifts and purpose.

Mary lives with her husband and daughter in South Carolina. She enjoys gardening, music, oil painting and spending time with her family and pets.

Mary is serving as an Assistant for the 2021 IHTP. She would be honored to guide you through a healing session.

An hour session with
Mary is $120

You can also purchase a package of (3) 1-hour sessions for $320