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A Meditation Practice for During the Eclipse

The big astronomical and astrological event of 2017 is here! As an intuitive healer, I have been supporting my students and clients on how to be with the inner-process during this magnificent Solar Eclipse.  A big question that is coming to me is: What do I do during the eclipse? Do I stay in and meditate during the eclipse or do I go out and see it? If I do stay in-ward, what do I do?

In many ancient and indigenous cultures, the eclipse is seen as a time to go inward, pray, and release the shadow within and collectively on this earth.  The prayers are personal and global.  It is a time to honor the Mother Earth and the feminine rising within each of us.

Yet, many will travel to see the eclipse.  Regardless of how you spend the actual eclipse time, here is some helpful advice that you can do during the solar eclipse and up to 2 weeks after:

What to do during the eclipse:

Cleanse: Shower or take an intention filled bath.

Choose: As a spiritually progressing soul you always have the ability to choose what you want to carry forward and what you want to release.  Spend some time thinking about what you’d like to release and what you’d like to step into.

What to release:  What is in your shadow and what are you willing to release?

What to honor:  Give thanks and honor all that has been given, even the challenges for they have helped you grow.

What to expand:  What natural born gifts and qualities are you willing to expand within you?  Connect with your light, nurture it and give your spirit “permission” or allowance to shine brighter than your ego.

Write the above in your journal.

A Meditation Ritual:

Allow: Allow your body to relax and your breath to be full and focused. Allow Grace to move through you and honor your life and the consciousness rising within you.

Pray:  Pray for your intentions, for peace and for the planet.

Honor:  All that you are, all of life, all that life has given and all that is coming.

Chanting/Singing or Music:  If chanting is in your regular practice then this would be a wonderful time to harmonize the frequencies of healing.  You can simply chant “Om” for alignment, clearing and vibration in your body to all of life.

Release:  Breathe into releasing what patterns, emotions or “blocked” energy that is in the way of your inner freedom.  Spend time breathing, allowing, feeling, and being.

Some other Eclipse rituals include:


Ritual Baths

Lighting Incense or sage

Leaving a glass of water out during the eclipse

You don’t have to go crazy here.   Just listen to what your body and heart is telling you.

As consciousness rises around us and within us, it’s important that people do the inner work so that the vessel of your body can hold the brilliance of your light and sustain it.  Human beings have lived through many karmic struggles.  We carry these in our being consciously and subconsciously.  Often, however, it is the subconscious karmic patterns and energy blocks that prevent consciousness within from expanding.

So regardless of where you are during the eclipse or what kind of ‘inner practice” you choose, set the intention to clear and let go of what’s in your shadow that keeps you and this planet from living in Light.

For many this going to be the un-suppression of the feminine.  Both men and women have the feminine qualities within.  The qualities include: sensitivity, intuition, creativity, being in-tuned, empathy, being comfortable with the spectrum of emotions, creativity, sexuality, being in co-creation with the universe, surrendering the ego.  These are counter to staying in the mind, pushing for success, stressing about expectations, life-hacking for ego gain, fear, etc.  There have been many coping mechanisms in place to avoid the feminine.  This eclipse invites us to surrender to that vulnerability and allow that phoenix to rise.

Blessings to you in this powerful eclipse portal.  May we work together to help raise consciousness on this planet.

With love,