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My Daughter Kicks Her Covers Off


My 4-month-old daughter, Lucci, kicks her covers of every night, every nap, and anywhere. I put them back on her and she kicks them off again. The temperature doesn’t matter. She just doesn’t like to be covered up. She never liked to be swaddled, or confined. She also loves to laugh, cuddle with her mom, has pure love radiating from her clear eyes, is a very peaceful, wise baby and can go with the flow. These are her characteristics that form her personality, and they are alive in her at 4 months old.

While lying in bed one morning, and before stirring, I went into a deep meditation. I saw my own spark of light, my essence; the energy that formed my own innate characteristics. I saw a flickering light in this meditation. I focused on that light and the light started to travel. I followed that light. The next thing I knew, my awareness was in my heart and so was the flickering light.   I stayed focused on that light, until a sense of peace and relaxation came over me.

In Sanskrit there is word for that light or inner essence. It’s called our sva shakti. Sanskrit often has words that don’t have a single word translation in the English language. So, I’ll do my best to explain it. Sva shakti can be described as the inner essence or fire of your spirit that develops into your brilliant characteristics, which are a gift to this life.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, personally, even though I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, I have been experiencing a tremendous grief by the pain of the world. It has been eye opening to witness the power a newborn child carries and yet read, see or hear about the incredible violence or tragedies of the world. In fact, for me having a child magnifies the grief and disbelief of this insanity.

What is the spiritual teaching in this? Well, I felt it meditating on a flickering light. Within all of us is our own unique essence—our sva shakti. In the West, we have not necessarily been taught to go into that light; to nurture it or to let it develop into our gifts. Instead, we learned to compete with life, expectations and what others are doing. We learned to look outward instead of inward. As a result, we are imbalanced—individually and collectively. The imbalance is an over developed ego (or pain body) and a covered up spirit. This is not true of everyone, by any means. In fact, our sva shakti is very pervasive and can be the driving force that helps us overcome or succeed in life, if we allow it to.

So, I let my daughter kick her covers off. “Kick ‘em off girl!” I tell her now. I let her be her spirit—her sva shakti.

Your spirit is there too. If you’re not finding it, it just may be covered up at times with many layers of expectations, old hurt, or fears. The suppression of spiritual consciousness is at the root of personal and collective insanity. My heart hurts more reading the news now as a mother than it did when I was single. Why? Because the amount of emotional and spiritual love that pours in and out of me is so pure and vulnerable that to insert destruction into that beauty is such a heartbreak. Yet, I know those who are hurting others, have experienced this heartbreak very young and very deeply. So they act out of being hurt.

It is our work to re-nurture the inner light, and to uncover our sva shakti. To bring back to life the dormant inner essence, and to stop numbing our consciousness with sedatives that suppress our spirits, like television, sugar, or mental clutter. This is the spiritual work. Ask yourself these two questions:

1)   What is my sva shakti (Your own unique essence or characteristics that you had since birth)?

2)   How can I live life from my sva shakti?

It’s Spring afterall—Time to kick the covers off!

Happy Spring to you and below are just a few announcements.

With love,