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Negotiating Space with “Crazy” Energy

Do you feel like you are negotiating space with crazy energy these days?

It certainly feels that way with this election around the corner, and emotions high, in general.

As sensitive, in-tuned the beings it can certainly feel hard to hold your center or stay aligned when energy feels this crazy.

Let’s talk about that crazy though.
Crazy is unprocessed trauma looking for resolve.
Crazy is fear and anger acted out.
Crazy is the deep need for love, but shackled by the conditions set to have it.
A few weeks ago I was reading in astrology about this time period. It was predicted that this was a time when what was hidden, secret or under the table was going to come to the surface (including our unresolved patterns!). This time would be chaotic and messy for a little while until healing happens. This happened to be the exact process that I talked about in my book Expanding Your Heart.
Chaos in life serves a purpose.

The purpose of chaos is to unearth what is not serving you anymore in your own individual lives and in the collective on the planet.

Within chaos is a very important opportunity for growth. That opportunity is to ground, strengthen your boundaries, get clear on your relationship with yourself, and get still enough inside to hear your intuition.

The results of this could be that you get strong enough, angry enough, and decisive enough to clear your space and make right what feels wrong or misaligned in your life.

Negotiating is a necessary skill in life. However negotiating space with chaos and “crazy” can sometimes be consuming if it’s triggering your own internal chaos or unresolved issues.

Take the time to create a daily practice.  Breathe, create space around your energetic body, or in your life so you can get really clear on who you are or how YOU feel.  

Take the time to breathe into your triggers and do the best to no project them as other peoples’ energy. If you’re getting triggered, it is your “stuff” that will need clearing.

Here is a prayer for those triggers:

Dear God,

Surround me with angels so that I may be fearless in seeing the parts of myself that are not whole. Infuse love into my being so that I may have the strength to know my true self over these wounds. Activate my soul so that the light within me may release, push out, Love, or dissolve what no longer serves me. Give me the courage to be my true light in the world no matter who that may trigger in my life. Give me the strength to know that everyone heals by having their feelings, including myself. Fill me with light, with love, with stamina to be the powerful presence that I am. May this prayer benefit all beings.

Sometimes these waves of chaos precede clarity. Yet it’s all the more reason for our feet to be on the ground, core strong and your antenna plugged into Grace.  Blessings to you this week.

With Love,

Wendy De Rosa