You are currently viewing Open Your Heart- My Program on Mindvalley’s Soulvana Channel

Open Your Heart- My Program on Mindvalley’s Soulvana Channel

Sometimes, the longest journey is from the head to the heart.  From there, the next step can be to open your heart.  Opening Your heart is a process that includes self inquiry, feeling emotions, connecting to your soul and loving all the parts of you from hard emotions to elevated ones.

My program, The Heart Expansion Experience is now live in’s Soulvana channel.  If you are looking for support in how to open your heart and expand the awareness of your interior, the Heart Expansion Experience is a supported journey that includes deep guided meditations for healing and exercise that help you understand who you are here to be.

Here is what others have said who have take the program:

“The greatest take away for me to open my heart, when i did, i realize how close it was, not allowing others to love me, most important of all not allowing me to love myself. I have more compassion towards myself and others because i have made a connection “hurt people, hurt people”. Thank you Wendy De Rosa for this course.”–  W.Y.

“Hi Wendy, I enjoyed your sessions in The Soulvana Heart Expansion Experience course, especially the meditation at the end. I meditate everyday all through my chakras but as a tool I found your golden waterfall really helpful for surrender, so now I am frequently “stepping back” into the waterfall in the day. I visualise the waterfall turning solid sometimes, very reassuring feel. Also found your “grounding tree trunk with roots” a great tool. This is to say thank you! .Would love to join you in any of your intuitive interactive online workshops. Thank you again.”- B.A

“Wendy, I am extremely grateful to you. I did as you suggested and I feel so much lighter, filled with a fresh new ray of hope, with a lot of peace and calm within me. Releasing the old energy was the key. This experience has truly been magical. I can feel so many distinct changes within myself . I suddenly feel more confident to show up as me, stand up for what I believe in and there is a renewed zeal in me. All of this without me having to put up a fight. It feels like I am in some flow and even things around me happen so effortlessly. Even new opportunities show up out of thin air and whatever stuff (especially related to my work) was stuck has started to pick up pace. I keep going back to the audio and my notes, have resumed meditation as well. A Big Hug and a Thank you from bottom of my heart to you for guiding me here.– K.B.

If you are feeling called to expand your heart, open your heart or live more connected to your true light, the Heart Expansion Experience may be a perfect next step for you.  To learn more about the Heart Expansion Experience, visit,