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How to Open Your Heart Chakra Through One Powerful Chakra Balancing and Healing Technique

Open your heart chakra: The Heart Chakra, also known as the Anahata Chakra, is the power center located in the center of the chest.

Through it we experience the powers of the Heart which are love, compassion, generosity, kindness, and connection to spirit and humanity.

When the heart is open, the powers of the heart are balanced. There is a feeling of well-being, and connection to life, love and to the divine.

Because we are human and go through human experiences that may have caused hurt and pain and suffering in the past, it can be typical that the heart feels shut down or closed. Symptoms of feeling closed or shut down in the heart could be jealousy, fear, resentment, hopelessness, helplessness, and judgemental or cynical.

Living with a closed heart can sometimes lead to more struggle.  Eventually there can be a call or pull to open the heart and release past wounds.  How do you do this? One way is through Heart Chakra healing.

Open Your Heart Chakra for Healing

Heart chakra healing is a powerful way to release energy that has been held in the body as opposed to the mind. One form of heart chakra healing is opening your heart.

Yet, the most powerful way to open the heart is not by opening the front of the heart.  It is actually to open the back side of the heart.

It is important to be aware that there is front side of your Heart Chakra and there is a backside of your heart chakra.   The front side of your Heart Chakra is how you offer love and kindness to the world. The backside of the heart is where you take in love from Divine Spirit. So when opening the heart it’s important to know that you are not just opening your heart chakra in the front through visualization and intention,  but that you were also opening the heart in the backside to receive more Divine grace.

Typically, and in my experience, most people are very open in the front side of the heart. Almost to open.  When you open your heart chakra, a  heart that is too open in the front can result in over-giving, losing self, and even absorbing other peoples energy. So, if the front side of the Heart intuitively feels too open already, I usually recommend that people open the heart chakra in the back side first.

Here is a powerful technique to open your heart chakra in the back:

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By opening the backside of the heart, what you would do is lean back into an imaginary waterfall of light. Imagine that that waterfall is flowing down and that the back of your heart leans into the waterfall. You take a deep breath and allow the back of your heart to drink that light in. Once you take that light in your fueling your spirit. You are giving to yourself. You’re feeling yourself up with love.

From there, you can take a few deep breaths and let that love fill into the whole center of your heart. Once the center feels as if it is full with the light of love the heart will naturally open.  The front side will also come into balance if it has been into open, or it will naturally radiate open from the sense of a glowing heart.  This how you open your heart in a centered way.

They key here is that you are not opening the front of the heart to give yourself away. Instead, you are allowing the light of love to radiate from the center of your heart and that motivates an opening in the front and in the backside. This supports the feeling of a centered, open and clear Heart Chakra.

By taking light in through the back side of the Heart and opening the Heart Chakra from behind, you are tapping into receiving from the universe. You give from the front of the heart. And you receive from the backside of your heart. And this is how you open your Heart Chakra in a clear grounded and centered way.

Should you be interested in learning more on how to open your heart chakra and live more connected to your intuition and Divine Self I invite you to check out My Intuitive Heart Program and Intuitive Healer Training Program.