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How To Parent an Intuitive Child OR How to Reparent Your Intuitive Inner Child

As consciousness evolves through decades and centuries, there is a cosmic force that allows for more awakening for every generation. For this reason, I never believe the phrase “why didn’t I get this or learn this 30 year ago?” is a dead end.

We are born in a particular time of consciousness and we bring in new consciousness to help evolve the planet. For example, if you were born prior to 1980, you probably received teaching that emotions were bad, and there was a “right” way to be successful in life. That may include going to college, getting a degree, working your way up in a company, getting married, having a child or playing the appropriate gender role in life. That’s what was known as successful and part of survival.

Children are born every day, and in every generation or era of consciousness. They come in with a new path to awaken the planet with their own set of soul knowledge to grow into as an adult.

Intuition and sensitivity has always existed. Always. It’s only been in the past 20 years (or so) where it has become widely discussed and above the table. Still, in certain parts of the country and the world, it isn’t valued.

You were born at a time when your experience of waking up to your intuitive senses included negotiating space with energy you didn’t understand. There is training now to understand how feel or read energy. That training wasn’t widely available decades ago.

Your children are coming in to the world with more soul information then you came in with too. They are here to take consciousness further. They are here with big brains, the ability to download information, sensitivities, and heightened awareness of the energy they are here to transmute.

Ok, that’s the big picture.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

How do you mentor a child who presenting symptoms of over-sensitivity and having difficulty integrating into what is “normal?” Perhaps the child is even facing other diagnosis and relational issues, in addition to the sensitivities. How do you understand and help these children?

This child is a mirror of you. You were the sensitive child, the one who absorbed it all, the one who internalized the pain, and the one who buried your intuitive gifts, not knowing such a thing existed. Instead, there was self hate and coping to survive.

Times have changed. New consciousness is here.

Parenting an intuitive child requires understanding that YOU are intuitive and how to see your child (or inner child) not as a problem, but that they have something to teach us all in this life.

How you parent them differently from how you were parented becomes the doorway to supporting their growth and healing your own history.

Watch this video for more on how to parent an intuitive child or how to parent your intuitive inner child:

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