Peggy Curtin

Do you feel like you have lost your flow in the dance of life?  That the tapestry of your heart could use some reweaving?

Hi, my name is Peggy Curtin and I’m an Advanced Energy Healer from The School of Intuitive Studies. I love learning and laughing!  I have done over 20 years of personal development by looking at my patterns, beliefs, and blocks, but when one of my children had a health crisis I lost myself and my life began to unravel.

I couldn’t “think” my way back to wholeness and happiness.

I needed support to learn to ground, feel safe again, and listen to my heart.

This journey gifted me with a new tapestry for my life.  I kept some threads, removed others, and added silver and gold. In my new Self, I feel privileged to utilize my intuitive skills to be of service in the healing arts.

We are all a unique tapestry loved in so many ways.  Sometimes that love, health or desire is blocked or misguided.  I would be honored to help co-create and gently guide you to reweave your own beautiful tapestry, body, mind and soul.

I use guided meditations, groundings, chakra clearings, and the cutting of threads that block your energy or no longer serve you.

I am open to working in your comfort zone and how best to support you.  If this feels like a match let’s connect!

Thank you in gratitude.

Blessings and hugs,

P.S. I love walking with Mother Nature, reading, dancing, family, and community and I have a deep hope for love to heal the world.  Not necessarily in that order.😊


Peggy was very compassionate and empathetic and a wonderful listener. I had no preconceived ideas about how the healing session would go since I had never experienced one before. She talked me through a relaxation exercise then listened compassionately to my issues and anxieties then stepped me through the healing process to help relieve them. I had never considered “grounding” myself with nature – what a wonderful concept!  Afterward I felt relieved of my anxieties and guilt and empowered to use this process myself to help me cope with future stresses. I have had a few traditional counseling sessions in my past that involved just talking and the counselor responding but I like this healing process much better because it gave me specific visualizations to utilize on my own. I feel this session with Peggy helped me have an emotional breakthrough and helped me with the healing process I’ve needed since dealing with guilt and grief about my mother’s dementia and death over a year ago.

~Nancy K

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