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Expanding Your Heart Self-Help Book

Healing is a powerful journey marked by intense transformation, and almost always requires a support system. Book clubs offer just that. Read on for full details on starting your own Expanding Your Heart Book Club or becoming a certified Held in Light healer trained to guide members to experience a deeper connection to their true light.

Benefits of Book Clubs

Wendy De Rosa’s newest book Expanding Your Heart invites readers to fully explore past trauma, and transform painful experiences into a life-changing expansion of the heart. However, the material also lends itself to deep discussion. That’s where the benefits of book clubs come in. These include:
Expanding Your Heart Self-Help Book

  • Connecting to an inspiring, supportive community.
  • Allowing yourself and others to share organically.
  • Embarking on a powerful journey through the Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening*.

*The Four Stages include Initial Heart Opening, Chaos, Healing, and Contemplative Being. For more details, refer to the dedicated Expanding Your Heart page. It also covers all that comes with the book—such as one month of free access to Wendy’s Guided Meditation Club, free audio downloads, bonus content, and more—when you order Expanding Your Heart through the School of Intuitive Studies.

Book clubs are a fantastic way to connect with others in your area who are walking a similar path to healing, freedom, and full-heart expansion. Visit the Book Club section of the site to find a nearby community and get full details on:

  • Book Club Guidelines.
  • Book Club Code of Ethics.
  • Book Club Discussion Questions.

Plus, by using the online book club resource, you’ll have regular access to Wendy’s insights as well as her worldwide community of healers and healers-to-be while you embark on this journey of a lifetime. Learn more on starting your own Expanding Your Heart book club today or submit your contact info by clicking the button below.

Free Audio Downloads

Each book purchase comes with access to free audio downloads that accompany the chapters of Expanding Your Heart. To access these guided meditations designed to facilitate your journey inward, click the button below, enter your email, and we’ll send you your username and password.

Start an Expanding Your Heart Book Club

Author Wendy De Rosa suggests starting an Expanding Your Heart Book Club to gain and offer support during this potent period of self-exploration and personal healing. Professional healers certified in Wendy’s Held in Light method lead numerous book clubs throughout the country. But you don’t have to be certified to start an Expanding Your Heart Book Club of your own. Simply submit your contact info to be a book club leader by clicking the button below, and a team member will contact you with specifics.

Book club members have access to the following tools. These help ensure your book club offers the optimal healing experience:
  1. Online videos.
  2. Discussion questions.
  3. Guidelines and insights.

Plus, as an Expanding Your Heart book club leader, you’ll connect with the greater community of individuals around the world undergoing a similar transformation.


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