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Expanding Your Heart:
4 Stages of a Spiritual Opening

Transform the chaos and pain of personal struggle into a deeper connection to the Divine and your truest self with Expanding Your Heart Wendy introduces the Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening to guide readers to work through life challenges as a way to open and expand the heart. Read more about her newest book and the Expanding Your Heart Book Club to begin your journey to living more spiritually connected.

Ready to put the story of being stuck, hurt, and broken behind you? Ready to heal your life? Learn how to transform personal struggle into remarkable pathways to freedom with the renowned professional healer and author Wendy De Rosa’s newest self-help book Expanding Your Heart: Four Stages of Spiritual Opening. Read on for full book details, info on the free audio download of guided meditations and bonus content, local book clubs, and more.

What does expanding your heart mean to you and your life?

In this video, I will give you a glimpse into how this movement is the most important time of your life.


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About Expanding Your Heart

We each have been shaken to the core as a result of a life-changing experience. Yet, not everyone has access to support and guidance when faced with a challenging situation. That’s why Wendy De Rosa wrote Expanding Your Heart: Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening.

Wendy thoughtfully crafted Expanding Your Heart to serve as a powerful tool for:

  • Working through and understanding personal struggle.
  • Resolving feelings of being stuck, lost, anxious, or depressed.
  • Healing your life.
  • Living in a more spiritually connected way.

In her book, she offers an inspiring perspective on trauma with insightful, highly approachable content for anyone who struggles with chaos or a painful past. Specifically, she introduces the concept of the Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening.

Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening

Our deepest struggles can become a doorway to our greatest freedom–the catalyst from which our spiritual heart opens and expands–with the proper guidance. Whether you endeavor to heal yourself or others, Expanding Your Heart will lead you through the following Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening to transform trauma to freedom:

  • Stage 1: Initial Heart Opening–A difficult or life-altering experience, such as a divorce or loss, that breaks open the heart and a doorway into the soul.
  • Stage 2: Chaos–A dismantling of ego attachments and the surfacing of deeper layers of unprocessed emotions.
  • Stage 3: Healing–The choice one makes to move out of chaos.
  • Stage 4: Contemplative Being–Living with and utilizing more tools, having gone through the first 3 stages.

Each of the four stages can assist you in freeing yourself from being stuck in struggle or trauma, and help you see the opportunities to have the greatest spiritual expansion of your life. Join Wendy on this journey to living your fullest, truest self today.

Order Expanding Your Heart Today

Beneath the layers of painful and chaotic life experiences lives strength, meaning, and the opportunity to experience great spiritual opening. Join Wendy as she guides you on this life-changing journey of spiritual expansion when you order today

Free Downloads with Purchase of Expanding Your Heart

When you purchase Expanding Your Heart, you’ll receive free audio downloads to accompany your exploration and awakening of the spiritual heart. To access these guided meditations that follow each chapter, click the button below, enter your email, and we’ll send you your username and password.

Expanding Your Heart Book Club

Book clubs are a fantastic way to connect with others in your area who are walking a similar path to healing, freedom, and full-heart expansion. Visit the Book Club section of the site to find a nearby community and get full details on:

  • Book Club Guidelines.
  • Book Club Code of Ethics.
  • Book Club Discussion Questions.

Plus, by using the online book club resource, you’ll have regular access to Wendy’s insights as well as her worldwide community of healers and healers-to-be while you embark on this journey of a lifetime. Learn more on starting your own Expanding Your Heart book club today or submit your contact info by clicking the button below.

Praise for Expanding Your Heart

Wendy De Rosa has studied sacred wisdom traditions for many years, and she has distilled that wisdom through the power of her own direct experience, which gives power and authenticity to her work. She teaches clarity and love from her experience, and because of that, the power of her heart is present. She shares deep healing wisdom throughout this book in non-dogmatic ways that will help others to get in touch with their own truth, feelings, and Spirit! In person, Wendy radiates warmth, loving energy, and wisdom, and she has channeled that into this book. For students who are sincerely interested in inner healing, finding their voice, and bridging Eastern wisdom with our Western modern reality—I recommend this book. May all beings be happy and free.
Saul David RayeYoga Teacher, Activist, Musician
Wendy is a gifted healer who is able to help us all break through the blocks and connect to the part of our Self we need to create our best life. Her practical information is simply divine!
Kara SundlunNews Anchor, Co-Host of Better Connecticut, WFSB-TV
I don’t do these things, go to spiritual awakenings, but I did go to Wendy’s, and she was fantastic. If you’re open to it, Wendy can provide some very useful tools.
Scot HaneyWFSB, Channel 3 Eyewitness News
A true game-changer! Expanding Your Heart: Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening speaks to the tremendous consciousness shift that is happening on the planet right now. We are not meant to live the pain of our past; we are meant to see that we are here to live our fullest selves. Wendy De Rosa provides the tools, healing, and road map to support this process.
Patrick SnowInternational Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur