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Divine Healing Inner Circle

Receive monthly guided healings, integration sessions, and practices from Wendy.

Connect with your Divine guidance, deepen your intuition, and amplify your healing potential.

Experience a heart-aligned community to enrich your journey — inside a safe, intimate circle.

We are in an unprecedented time… 

As an intuitive, empath, and healer, you are being called to step forward — to say YES to your higher calling and purpose…

To lean into trust and faith within yourSelf, and breathe into the Divine…

To accept this time as an invitation to deeper healing and grounding like never before.   

The Divine Healing Inner Circle is a container for you to receive healing, to ground, to process all that you’re experiencing — and to release blocked and stagnant energy so you can be present for yourself, your family, your community, and beyond.

Here’s what you’ll receive EVERY month with your membership:  

  • 90-minute Divine Guidance Healing with Wendy: Receive a guided healing to help you clear blocked energy, deepen your grounding, and open to your intuitive guidance.
  • 60-minute Integration Session & Small Group Coaching: Join Wendy live to ask your most pressing questions and receive support to integrate the healing you receive that month into your daily life.
  • Guided Practice: Receive a guided practice from Wendy to support your healing process throughout the month.
  • Exclusive Online Healing Community: Access the support of a heart-aligned, safe, intimate circle with a shared desire for healing and spiritual growth.
  • Member-only Events: Access exclusive member-only events with guest teachers, extra healing sessions, and advance registration on special events. 
  • Member-only Content: Receive a monthly content curated to support your healing focus for the month. Includes spiritual practices, energy healing teachings, meditations, and other tools.  
  • Member-only Discounts: As a Divine Healing Inner Circle Member, you’ll receive exclusive discounts on Wendy’s events and products — as well as School of Intuitive Studies trainings, programs, and certifications. 
  • Member-only ALL-Access Pass: When you join Divine Healing Inner Circle today, you’ll receive immediate access to every 2020 Divine Healing video recording!

“Wendy taught me a whole new way of
understanding myself and taking care of myself!”

My sessions with Wendy have helped me to process through personal issues that were deeply seated. My relationships have improved and overall, are healthier. She has a wealth of information and insight. Wendy’s ability to see and deal with energies has helped me to become a better person. I would not be as happy as I am today without her assistance in dealing with negative issues.”

—L.K. of San Francisco, CA

Your Divine Healing Inner Circle Bonus Collection:
Teachings, Practices & Tools to Deepen Your
Healing, Spiritual Growth & Intuitive Gifts!

Wendy De Rosa holding beads

Divine Guidance Healing

Relax and receive Wendy’s deep guided energy clearing. This healing guides you into your energetic body where you’ll clear out old emotional blocks and energy that no longer serve you. Then from this clear space, your soul can expand to increase the presence of you in your body.

Wendy De Rosa

Are You an Empath? How to Stop Taking on the Energy of Others

Exclusive Video Teaching

Are you an empath? Do you take on the energy of others or struggle in holding your energetic boundaries? There’s a reason for this! In this exclusive bonus teaching, you’ll learn why this oversensitivity forms, what’s happening in your energetic body, and how to transform blockages so you can live in your body in a way that’s truly empowered.

Energy Healing Through The Chakras Book Cover

Energy Healing Through the Chakras
Ebook & Audio Healings

Learn about how belief systems form in the power centers in your body — and how to clear the energy blocks held there. This book comes with 7 audio recordings of deep guided meditations to clear energy in your chakra system. These powerful healings help you deepen your connection to yourSelf, clear your blocks, and embody your power.

PLUS! Receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to EVERY 2020 Divine Guidance Video Recording!

When you join today, you’ll receive a bonus collection of all 3 2020 sessions so you can start receiving Wendy’s guided healing and practices right away!

  • January Evolving Past Limitations: Healing Unworthiness and Blocks to Thriving
  • February Embrace Your Higher Self: A Healing for Feeding the Soul, Not the Saboteur
  • March Returning to Wholeness: A Healing for Your Mother Wounds

Wendy invites you to join her for this intimate, healing circle…

The Divine Healing Inner Circle is a powerful catalyst for growth. When we connect as a group, we magnify the healing energy and turn the volume up on our messages from Source. We celebrate each other’s breakthroughs and aha moments — and we support one another in becoming who we’re meant to be.

In yoga, the word for this type of community is sangha. The Divine Healing Inner Circle is a sangha for your personal healing, spiritual expansion, and growth.

One Time Payment
12 Sessions
$399per year
$39per month

During the live calls, I’ll connect to the Spirit Guides and Angels to facilitate the powerful healing your system needs. These Spirit Guides and Angels always know exactly what you need and how to clear your energy at the root of the issues you’re facing.

Messages and healing delivered in the Divine Guidance Healings are directly for you and for the group collective. Even though I may not know exactly what you’re working through personally at the time of the call, your guides know. Through this collective healing, you’ll get clarity as you hear and absorb their messages. 

You don’t have to be present on every call. As an essential part of our inner circle, your energy will still be included in the intention of the healing. You can then receive the healing when you listen to the recording.

This empowering group call enables you to be your own healer. Not only do you receive what you need based on your intention to heal, but the experience itself strengthens your trust and your ability to self-heal.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign… a chance to deepen your intuition with the guidance of an experienced mentor, this is your opportunity.


About the Monthly Live Video Streams

The Guided Healings will be delivered through audio and video streams every first Thursday of the month. The call will be 90 minutes long and will include 30 minutes of Q&A. In each call you’ll receive a teaching on the chosen topic, an energy clearing with the Spirit Guides and Angels, community connection and Q&A with Wendy. These calls are sacred experiences and intended to be healing, and to support you in living an expression of your true light. Whatever your worries or struggles are, the Angels and Guides know what you need, and so they go beneath the surface to offer you a healing at the deepest level.

When you register to join the Divine Healing Inner Circle, you’ll receive an email with call-in information for each call. Can’t make it LIVE? Not to worry! you’ll have 24 hour access to all recordings, so you can listen at your convenience.

PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to post any questions or comments about what is coming up for you in the Facebook Group prior to the call and I’ll address those posts during the month. Additionally, you may post your questions in the group after listening to the recording.


The Divine Guided Healing will be on the first Thursday of the month at 5pm MST. The Integration Session + Live Q&A with Wendy will be on the 3rd Tuesday at 12pm MST

2020 Monthly Call Topics:

January: Evolving Past Limitations: Healing Unworthiness and Blocks to Thriving
February: Embrace Your Higher Self: A Healing for Feeding the Soul, Not the Saboteur
March: Returning to Wholeness: A Healing for Your Mother Wounds
April: Loving Your Inner Protector: A Healing for Your Father Wounds
May: Letting Go: Healing the Intergenerational Imprint of Survival Fear
June: Releasing the Invisible Wounds under Abundance: A Healing to Clear Karmic Wounds of Lack and Under-earning
July: Align With the Source: A Healing to Deepen Connection with Your Divine Self
August: Strengthen Your Center: A Healing to Release Energetic Weight and Gain Vibrancy
September: Empowering the Empath: A Healing to Release Collective Trauma Held in Your Body
October: Clear Embedded Shame: A Healing to Release the Belief of “not being enough”
November: Stand in Your Power: A Healing to Clear Blocks and Set Energetic Boundaries
December: Raise Your Frequency: A Healing to Stay Soulfully Sane During the Holidays

One Time Payment
12 Sessions
$399per year
$39per month

Here’s what Divine Healing Inner Circle members are sharing:

“Wendy truly has a gift to heal.  Her compassion, insight and talent to work with energy has brought tremendous guidance to me and has enabled me to bring profound changes into my life.”

—C.O. of Oakland, CA


“When I describe my sessions with Wendy to friends and family I can only say that what she does is a miracle. The healing work that she has done with me has been profoundly life-changing to say the least. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is open to making long-lasting changes in his or her life. I’ve done a lot of personal work over the years and I was amazed to see what Wendy could do in just one session. She is a true gift to this world … I wouldn’t miss a chance to let her into your life.”

—A.H. of San Francisco, CA


“In the ten years since I began doing ongoing personal healing work, I have never met anyone with more skill, talent, or integrity than Wendy De Rosa. Wendy is one of the exceedingly rare individuals who is supremely gifted in both the nuts-and-bolts of creating safe and grounded sessions, as well as in using energy, divine guidance, and psychic abilities to get to the heart of one’s issues.”

—Jenny C. of Brooklyn, NY

I am a big believer in Divine timing. If you’re reading this page, we’re crossing paths in this way for a reason — I believe you’ve been intuitively led here. Your heart is asking you to deepen your connection to yourself, and to listen to the whispers from your soul.

I’ve spent the last 20 years helping clients heal and finally hear their voices speaking from within. My field work, combined with almost 20 years of personal study of the energy system, intuition, and personal development has led me to create this membership program, and offer it at an affordable price. 

I want as many dedicated seekers as possible to experience the same powerful healing my own journey has brought me. After listening to feedback from our School of Intuitive Studies community, I felt called to build a community that would allow messages from spirit to be felt by a greater number of people — all in a safe and nurturing container of support and guidance.

You’ve never been closer to finally feeling the guidance you’ve been longing to feel. The journey to Divine connection begins with the inner knowing that it’s time — followed by faith-inspired action.

Listen to your heart. Be a part of something expansive, something nurturing, something DIVINE. We’d love to welcome you into our Inner Circle.

One Time Payment
12 Sessions
$399per year
$39per month

Cancellation Policy:
If at any time, the Divine Guidance Membership Circle no longer feels like a fit for you, you can cancel your membership with 30 days’ notice any time. No refunds are offered for past membership charges for any reason.



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