Year-Long Training
Begins April 2021

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Deepen All 4 Aspects of Your Intuition & Activate Your Divine Calling as a Healer

Receive Foundational Practices & Tools to Help You Heal Yourself & Others 

Are you being called to help others heal?  

Do you also feel a strong pull to do deeper personal healing, so that you can truly thrive as a healer… and an expression of the Divine? 

Your soul incarnated for this moment… and your personal healing journey is interwoven with your Higher Mission…

…whether you want to integrate intuitive healing into your existing body of work as a practitioner, coach, or therapist — or start a healing practice.  

Your intuitive gifts can become your greatest contribution to personal and collective healing — a profound act of service that will help shift consciousness at the energetic level.  

The deep consciousness and energy-healing work available through the Intuitive Healing Training, can support you in activating and deepening your calling as a healer.

Discover & Deepen 4 Aspects of Your Intuition

Being a skilled guide for others’ healing requires learning where, and how, your body is sensing and intuiting information.    

As the signature training of the School of Intuitive Studies, founded by renowned intuitive healer and spiritual teacher Wendy De Rosa, the Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification will help you develop and deepen into the full range of your intuitive gifts, your Divine guidance, and a direct communication with your soul through your body’s energy system.

There are actually four aspects to your intuition — clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance.  

You may have a strong sense of one, two, three, or all four aspects. Some intuitives ‘feel, hear, know, and see’ simultaneously — which can create anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

Over time, though, as you develop and deepen each aspect, working with your own energy system, you learn to discern between and manage the energy of incoming messages. This also allows you to receive the bigger picture of what’s needed, whether it’s for your own healing, or another’s.

In each level of the program, you’ll receive guided healings to clear energy blocks and ground in your body and your gifts — as well as energy-healing tools and practices that will help you serve as highly skilled, heart-centered guide for others to do their healing work. Throughout the program, you’ll be supported by a skilled team of trained intuitive healers who are graduates of the School of Intuitive Studies.

Apply for the Intuitive Healer Training NOW and you’ll receive:

  • Save $100 — No application fee!
  • Free 30-minute coaching session with a certified intuitive healer & trainer
  • The 3 Keys to Embodying Your Intuitive Gifts, a brand-new BONUS video teaching + guided healing with Wendy De Rosa

The Intuitive Healing Method: A Unique Approach

Wendy De RosaWendy De Rosa’s world-renowned Intuitive Healing Method draws on the idea that there is a Central Channel within us. Clearing emotional and energetic blocks and healing this sacred space, opens a stronger connection with the Divine.  This connection empowers you to access and embody your full intuition — and build trust with your Higher Self and soul, and faith in all of the powerful forms of guidance available to you.

In this extraordinary training program, you’ll: 

  • Access the full range of your intuitive gifts — heal deeply and move through the world, feeling grounded and empowered.
  • Discover how to detoxify and clear energetic and emotional imprints from the subtle body and reset your entire energy body from within
  • Experience the four aspects of your intuition that are most “natural” to you, so you can become empowered as an empath, intuitive, and healer
  • Set and and maintain energetic boundaries — free from compromise, guilt, or remorse 
  • Recognize how your powers of intuition correspond to your chakras — and how to amplify the life force, or prana, moving through these energy centers
  • Discover your energetic anatomy and its essential role in sustaining your healing and spiritual growth
  • Reveal the path to your soul’s wisdom and how to fulfill your unique purpose
  • Receive guided healings and energy-healing tools to benefit yourself and others
  • Embrace your emotions as energy and heal yourself, your family, and your lineage 
  • Clear accumulated blocks and other self-limiting patterns held in your chakras
  • Communicate with spirit guides, angels and other forms of Divine guidance

Step Boldly Into This Soul-full, Heart-Centered Training

Your energy system and emotional body will likely undergo a shift in this important healing process as you invoke the Divine light within you and fully embrace the truth of who you came here to be.

You’ll clear energetic blocks and cords that have kept you stuck, heal past karma, and resolve soul contracts. You’ll experience how your powerful, intuitive energy works — and make this potent wisdom flow for your own and others’ healing.

If you’re not feeling called to become a healing practitioner at this time, you’ll discover how to expand and embody your intuitive power for self- and soul-healing. 

However, if you are called, you’ll hone your ability to facilitate healing in yourself and others — and activate deeper levels of your wisdom and intuition, which are the lifeblood of a divinely connected life.

The call to deep, intuitive healing invites you to:  

  • “Reparent” yourself in the area of your energy body where early patterning and wounds are held
  • Develop and embody the 4 aspects of intuition, accessed through your chakras  
  • Separate your intuition from chatter, and ego from soul  
  • Clear entities, release cords from unhealthy relationship patterns, and ground in your power and wisdom 
  • Connect with Divine guidance in all of its forms — including  angels, spirit guides, and other mystical beings  
  • Work with the Central Channel, lower and upper energy body, and four intuitive power centers to empower you to heal yourself and others

During the Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification you’ll receive regular guided healings to support you in your journey. 

Apply for the Intuitive Healer Training NOW and you’ll receive:

  • Save $100 — No application fee!
  • Free 30-minute coaching session with a certified intuitive healer & trainer
  • The 3 Keys to Embodying Your Intuitive Gifts, a brand-new BONUS video teaching + guided healing with Wendy De Rosa

Here’s What You’ll Discover During This Life-Changing Year…

In this year-long depth training, you’ll develop fundamental skills to expand your intuition —clearing energy blocks, healing familial and ancestral wounds, and aligning your energy and intentions with your soul and the Divine.   

Wendy and her co-facilitators will share a range of tools and practices that will empower you, as you deepen your intuitive gifts and guide others in their healing journey. 

Receive Guided Healings Throughout Your Journey 

In each Level of the training, you’ll experience guided healings from Wendy that will help you reground, build deeper awareness to your energy system and intuitive gifts, and transform energetic and emotional patterns that have kept you stuck for years.   

Each time we meet, you’ll strengthen your connection with your Higher Self and the Divine, receiving new meditations and practices for your own healing — and to integrate into your emerging practice as an intuitive healer.     

Participate in Live Retreats & Online Sessions Through Streaming Video

As one of our cherished participants, you’ll join Wendy De Rosa and her co-facilitators in creating a powerful, intimate container that will help ensure deep growth and powerful connections during our time together.    

You’ll begin this year-long transformative journey virtually with a LIVE online retreat.

Weekly sessions are hosted through live streaming video — through your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This connection is easy to use and will enhance the power of Wendy’s teachings. (You can easily join via audio-only if you choose to!)

The Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification

Level 1: Fundamentals of Intuitive Healing:
The Energy Body, Central Channel & 4 Powers of Intuition

LIVE Virtual Training Retreat 

Discover the foundations of your energetic anatomy — including the Central Channel of Light, chakras, meridians, aura, and intuitive power centers. 

Clearing energy blocks and experiencing intuitive powers in your body are to your healing and expansion as an intuitive healer. This first level will set the foundation for both, and is a prerequisite for Level 2 and 3.  

You’ll explore your emotions, belief systems, and programming, and how they manifest in the energetic body.  

You’ll learn to recognize when your energy system is in balance or out of balance, ground, and begin clearing blocks so that you can develop your capacity to receive and decipher intuitive information.  

In Level 1, you’ll receive:

  • Energy healing basics — how energy works and why it can be the most powerful tool for transformation
  • The Central Channel of Light and Grounding Cord
  • The 7 main chakras and the patterns of blocked energy they tend to hold, from early childhood to the adult years.
  • How to begin processing your emotions as energy
  • The relationship between the lower, upper, front, and back energy body
  • The nature of wounds and trauma in the lower and upper body,
  • How to process emotions as energy.
  • Introduction to the 4 Aspects of Intuition, which you’ll dive into in Level 2

Level 2: Deeper into the 4 Aspects of Intuition:
Clearing Blocks to True Embodiment

Your intuitive power centers are held in the lower and upper body, and commonly referred to as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. You may experience one or more naturally, yet all four aspects of intuition are available to you. In Level 2, you’ll strengthen these four power centers and receive specific energy tools to help you embody them.   

You’ll also be guided in cord-cutting, how to set and hold energetic boundaries, retrieve lost power — and understand the nature of energy hooks, dents and imprints, particularly those held in the lower body since early child and even pre-birth.    

You’ll explore emotional attachments, face and dissolve deep fears and energetically feel into your soul’s, versus the ego’s, purpose.  

Because this level focuses heavily on healing the past through your energy system so that you can grow spiritually and live in a Divinely guided present — it will be a time of profound change. You’ll clear deep energy patterns and wounding to make space for Grace to flow and your light to shine.  

Your relationship with the Divine will deepen, as you learn to work in the realm of the Spirit, communicating with guides, angels and other beings to receive their wisdom and support. 

In Level 2, you’ll:

  • Receive guided healings, clear energy blocks and begin to heal ancestral patterns held in your lower body
  • Stop absorbing other people’s energy and emotions 
  • Ground more fully  in your body and your Higher  Self 
  • Dissolve deep fears and retrieve lost wisdom and power
  • Discover energy tools for your own and others’ healing 
  • Connect with your soul and Divine guidance
  • Begin to communicate with your spirit guides, including angels
  • Make space for Grace to flow and your soul to inhabit your body and life 
  • Prepare for new teachings, practices, and energetic shifts, which you’ll experience in Level Three.

Level 3: Clearing Soul Contracts
& Embodying Your Soul’s Journey

As an evolving, conscious being, you’re already operating from heart-consciousness, which means that your soul is on a quest to live its purpose. 

Yet, the soul carries information from other lifetimes and karmic contracts that must be explored, accepted, and healed.  

Level 3 focuses on accessing this information and clearing these contracts as well as releasing unhealthy “entities” stuck in your energy field.  This ongoing healing process requires “journeying the soul” in the spiritual realm. As you engage in this essential work, your heart opens, clearing the way for your intuitive gifts and soul’s purpose to unfold.  

The heart chakra will be a conductor of Divine guidance. You’ll learn how to source this wisdom yourself through the back body.  Soul-inspired insights, powerful guided healings, which you’ll learn to facilitate for others, and an immersion into healthy love will radically transform your relationship with the Divine and the world.  

In Level 3, you’ll discover:

  • The purpose of different soul contracts for your journey on Earth — and where in the body and your daily life they express themselves, positively or negatively  
  • Karmic energy patterns — where they’re held in the body and practices to help resolve them 
  • More tools for clearing energy patterns and entities
  • An experience of your soul and its purpose  
  • The heart chakra and the back body, conductors of Divine guidance 
  • How to access a clear channel for prayer, grace, and higher consciousness
  • A tool kit of poweful, intuitive healing techniques 
  • How to facilitate healing meditations for others 

This training is ideal for those looking to receive a deep, experiential and practical understanding of intuition, of energy in the body, and of living spiritually awake. 

Once you submit your application, you’ll receive ALL the Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification curriculum details for the full year-long program.

Intuitive Healer Training Bonus Collection
Total Value $1,900.00

Instant Access to 4 Foundation Classes
(Valued at $600.00)

Receive instant access to four powerful mini-workshops with Wendy!  

Here are the topics:

  • Your Central Channel: Discovering & Embodying Your “Pillar of Light”
  • Anchoring Through Your Grounding Cord
  • Establishing Your Intuitive Meditation Practice 
  • Embracing the Anxiety & Fears Before Transformation

Full Access to Wendy’s 8-Module Intuitive Heart Program
(Valued at $500.00)

Experience this powerful journey to awaken and open your spiritual heart. This foundational program is included with the Intuitive Healer Training Program, at no extra charge.

Divine Healing Inner Circle Membership
(Valued at $450.00) 

Receive three free months of Wendy’s Divine Healing Inner Circle. You’ll work more deeply with her on your healing, growth, and intuition. Expand who you’re here to be within this intimate monthly, live gathering. 

Plus Your Intuitive Healer Application Bonuses

No application fee!
(Valued at $100)

Free 30-minute coaching session with a certified intuitive healer & trainer
(Valued at $150)

The 3 Keys to Embodying Your Intuitive Gifts video teaching + guided healing with Wendy De Rosa
(Valued at $97

Apply to Deepen Your Healing & Intuitive Gifts

Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • Two LIVE Online VIRTUAL Retreats
  • Weekly LIVE Online Training Sessions with lead Instructors & Wendy De Rosa 
  • Guided Healings and Energy Clearings with Wendy De Rosa   
  • Video Teachings & Exclusive Intuitive Healer Practices in the 4 Power Centers of Intuition
  • Weekly LIVE Q&As and Special Sharing Sessions
  • Weekly Check-ins & Ongoing Support from Certified Trainers & Intuitive Healers
  • Regular Healings with a Certified Trainers & Intuitive Healer
  • Exclusive access to an intimate Online Community 
  • School of Intuitive Studies Intuitive Healer Certification (following completion of Levels 1, 2 &3)
  • Entire Intuitive Healer Bonus Collection Valued at $1900.00!

Entire Program is just $5,997 when you register for the complete year-long program.
Monthly payment plans are available.

Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive Studies is a school of healing arts striving to serve national and international individuals looking for healing, spiritual and personal growth. The School of Intuitive Studies offers certifications, intuitive healer training programs, and online courses for learning how to develop intuition and discover the power of the heart center. 

With this training, participants are not only able to improve already thriving healing arts and medical practices, participants are also able to fine-tune their ability to serve clients and patients on a whole new level. In addition to being able to better help others, students also strengthen their own sense of self, life purpose, and personal well being by learning how to clear negative energy and emotional blocks that may get in the way of treating patients at the highest level of care.

The School of Intuitive Studies is a Boulder, Colorado-based school of healing arts that caters to traditional healthcare providers, mental health professionals, complementary and alternative medicine, holistic health practitioners (including massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, Reiki masters, energy healers), and anyone else looking to develop strong intuition to better treat their patients or clients.

Praise for Wendy De Rosa & the
Intuitive Healer Training Program

Past students RAVE about the Intuitive Healer Training Program. This is the most in-depth, evolutionary, supportive, and powerful training and certification course of its kind. But you don’t have to take our word for it …

“I’m weaving the tools into my therapeutic work with my clients.”
The tools I’m learning within the program are helping to heal me at such deep levels. And, I’m weaving them throughout my therapeutic work with clients. I appreciate your work and your teachings!
 Meryl Fields, MFT, California 

“A commitment to my  intuitive knowledge.”
As a result of taking the Intuitive Healer Training Program, I see the importance of connecting to Divine source throughout the day. I seal myself (energetically) when I am about to spend time around draining people or in negative situations. I take care of myself and remove myself as a way of getting what I need. I have much gratitude for my gifts, commitment to my intuitive knowledge…. I have gotten to know my body energetically and have a deeper appreciation for the support I can feel and sense in the universe
Beth DeGennaro

“I’m connected to the Divine and to my light.”
I feel like I am a better, healthier, kinder, more gentle and compassionate person having gone through the training program. I am connected to the Divine, to grace, to my light. Wendy, I have so much gratitude for you. You are such a light! Such a gift and I feel so deeply blessed and honored to have you in my life.”
Meryl, Connecticut 

“I own my emotions, energy and power, now.”
I feel so peaceful in my skin compared to what I used to be. I own my emotions now…. I can feel extreme anger and within a few minutes, let it go. I also own my power. I used to avoid challenging and difficult conversations. I also own my energy and I can tell what is not mine.
Yvette Herbert

“I have the tools now to establish energetic boundaries.”
I’m owning my voice much more. Though my family of origin can—and does—still trigger me, I’ve now got tools to help me establish energetic boundaries.. I’m owning my power to choose how much to give to others.. I have acknowledged, cried, and worked to release past wounds that got completely overlooked in the past—even though I’ve done decades of therapy. My intuitive sense can be harnessed, instead, as a gift and I can learn how to protect my energy.

“In every college there should be a course about this work!”
Applying the work you provided us took this course and our personal healings to a whole new level. A year ago, although I knew about our egos vs. spirit, about living with purpose, peacefully, mediation, this year of IHTP brought it to a whole new level. In every college there should be a course about this work! I am so happy I got to take this course and that it has allowed me to grow and expand into more light! Thank you so much Wendy for your beautiful soul and beauty, inside and out.
— L.B., Connecticut

“I have so much space, comfort, and direction.”
My life has completely changed. I have so much space, comfort and direction. I am feeling hopeful and healing and so much less frenetic.”
— R.F., Connecticut

“I have… a deeper appreciation for the support I can feel and sense in the universe.”
I have much gratitude for my gifts, commitment to my intuitive knowledge, and notice how listening and yielding to higher wisdom/higher self is deeply fulfilling. From taking the Intuitive Healer Training Program, I see the importance of connecting to divine source throughout the day. I seal myself (energetically) consciously when I am about to spend time around draining people or in negative situations. I take care of myself and remove myself as a way of getting what I need. I have gotten to know my body energetically and have a deeper appreciation for the support I can feel and sense in the universe.
— B.D., Connecticut

“… learn tools for helping people make profound, long-lasting changes.”
The Intuitive Healer Training Program with Wendy De Rosa is a deeply transformative experience. Wendy is a powerful healer who has a wealth of information to share with therapists, coaches, or anyone in a healing profession. The program offers an incredible opportunity for participants to enhance their intuitive skills and learn tools for helping people make profound, long-lasting changes. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take their practice to a higher level!
— A.H., Oakland, California

“… I feel so blessed to be received so lovingly
I’m so struck today by how much love [Wendy has] for us in this process! How much [she holds] and encourages us. I was reading somewhere that you don’t really get the opportunity to love someone unless they are willing to show you their shadow side and the opportunity is there to say — I love you anyway! It’s vulnerable to be showing our shadow selves… as well as our light, and I feel so blessed to be received so lovingly into [Wendy’s] arms and motherly heart! And with such clear and angelic energy!
— C., Bay Area, California

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