From Striving to Thriving: Nourishing your Soul for a New Decade

The New Year often coincides with starting fresh, setting goals, achievements or intentions.

The new year brings about the theme of setting intentions. Often there is energy underneath intentions needing to be cleared so you can create from a clear, authentic place. Not only are we entering a new year, we are entering a new decade. This new decade is a quantum shift into radical soul healing, intentful and purposeful living, and consciousness for “other” – which includes the greater good, human kind, and the planet.   

Our inner work continues to aide in the consciousness shifting on the planet. As we move into 2020 as a collective, there is a deep calling home to the center of your being to purge timeless energy and discern what is true for you now versus what you need to survive.

Moving from striving to thriving requires the ability to stop over-giving, spinning wheels, losing self, expending energy, and start opening up to receiving from the Divine, more frequently and with more trust.

The Divine wants to give to us. So we can nourish this planet. We get stopped by distractions or feeling unworthy of receiving from the Divine. Yet, this is exactly what is needed for thriving to happen, the heart to feel met, and life to manifest according to your heart’s desires.

When there are blocks to receiving from the Divine, we may experience:

  • Lack and under-earning
  • Doubt and fears in any areas of life
  • Feelings of insecurity and losing connection to self
  • Procrastination, negative self-talk, and skepticism
  • Over-giving, taking on the weight of the world, and adrenal burn out.
  • Lack of trust, safety, and ground in the world
  • Difficulty in having relationships and love in your life
  • A fear in letting go and shortness of breath
  • Losing connection to your own body, overeating, and neglecting self

These keep us in patterns to strive for, but never truly have. They are rooted in our survival mechanisms on an energetic level, which are outdated and living in the past. All personal intentions and goals come from a deep connection to your soul and something bigger than you. This is why living a Divine connection and being able to receive are so important… especially around intention setting for the New Year.

The theme of this year’s New Year’s Online Retreat is: From Striving to Thriving: Nourishing your Soul for a New Decade

Ring in the New Year, with Divine Guidance, energy clearing, and soul activation. During this 3-day event, you will gain the tools to:

  • Live more Divinely connected
  • Purge outdated energy in your body
  • Free up your being to make space for your light to thrive
  • Center into your central channel where true manifestation happens
  • Practice receiving and connecting to the truth of who you are and how you are here to serve

In this 3-day online retreat you will receive:

  • 3 days of clearing your blocks to receiving in all areas of your life. This includes receiving from the universe, receiving yourself, and building trust.
  • Bathing in an infusion of Divine healing through Spirit Guides and Angels as they offer you a transmission of pure healing.
  • Assignments and practices to clear out old energy held in your body.
  • Access to an exclusive FB group to share your progress during the 3-day retreat
  • Healing to shed the energy not serving you and access the deeper essence energy of who you are.

Is it time to come home to your SOUL and live from a deeper connection? Keep Reading! 

Light up 2019 with Profound Healing

Wendy’s 13th Annual New Year Online Retreat is a 3-day journey back to your Heart and Soul. You’ll experience the energy clearing, Spiritual Guidance, deep connection to your SELF, and invoking the Sacred in 2020—all from the comfort of your home. It is three calls in the morning, and during the day you are at your own pace. All orders will be eligible to “gift” the retreat to one friend free of charge.

Out with the Old; in with the New

There is no doubt we all will experience dynamic change in 2020. Why? Our heart consciousness is expanding. In fact, some say this tumultuous energy is a large part of the iconic shifts 2012 set in motion. Some say this energy is bringing the shadow to light so it can be healed. And while this expansion ultimately stretches us to be more centered and strong, it also puts us in a place of vulnerability. This is where doubt creeps in, where we leave wide open the possibility to lose connection to our Divine center. Most commonly, we get trapped in a rip current of critical self-talk and managing emotions, and it pulls us away from our true nature.

The good news: the universe is calling us to own up to the more powerful aspects of our spirit. Loud and clear, it is begging us to release what is not serving us, rewire our thinking, and tap into the larger energy that can significantly heal the world. The first step is to mindfully and energetically clean your slate so you can get clear on your intentions for living soulfully connected.

PLANT THE SEEDS and start anew!

I found the 3-day tele-retreat to be a powerful experience with immediate, positive results. In the weeks following the retreat I began clearing out my home of clutter, changed to a whole foods vegetarian diet and lost 14 pounds. It was like a 1st chakra mega cleanse!”—KB

Release What Isn’t Serving You

From the heart up, you probably have the best intentions for yourself and your life. Yet emotional and energetic blocks held in the lower body will work against your progress. They will weigh you down physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is often how it manifests in daily life:

  • You work for a paycheck instead of in alignment with your true life work.
  • You take on unhealthy eating habits, avoid exercise, and gain weight.
  • You feel lost, stuck, sluggish, or uninspired.
  • You indulge in critical self-talk.
  • You think negatively about your circumstances and those around you.
  • You fall victim to unhealthy relationships.
  • You sabotage your goals and dreams.
  • You can’t find your purpose in a world of duality.

So what is a spirit-in-need to do? Get sourced and open up to something greater! You will receive deep and powerful energy healing transmissions and soul activations in this 3-day retreat. Wendy is a heart-centered and clear spiritual teacher and healer and she will guide you into deep, powerful clearings to support you in reconnecting to your spiritual flow.

By doing so, you will allow the Divine to replenish your being. This is the foundation for staying clear, centered, and purposeful in a world that’s asking of you to STEP IN. Ready to step into your inner warrior to heal and contribute to the world in a bigger way? Start your journey by signing up today!

From Striving to Thriving: Nourishing your Soul for a New Decade
New Year’s Tele-Retreat Details

During this incredible 3-day healing experience, Wendy will facilitate healing and messages for you, for your personal clearing and for your work in the world — all with the help of your spirit guides and angels. This is powerfully deep clearing for you and a friend as you enter 2020!

  • Dates: December 29, 30, 31, 2019, calls at 9:00 am MST / 11am EST

  • Location: Webinar accessible by phone or online

  • Investment: $147 + 1 free gift registration to share with a friend!

A Message from Wendy De Rosa

The New Year’s Online Retreat is one of my favorite events, and I can hardly wait to share with you my most recent “download” from the spirit guides and angels. As you probably know, they guide my work as an intuitive. This season, they passed down a profound message regarding the retreat:

“There is a quantum shift out of fear that keeps old survival mechanisms in place… perpetuating fear of thriving. This keeps the mind and body in a state of striving and in restlesness. This decade of 2020 is about the collective working together to rise. The younger generations will lead the way on the frontlines, and the wisdom keepers will channel spiritual grace into the field to keep a strong backbone.  Work together. Bring your light forward.” 

Following this transmission, I came to the notion 2020 is a time to “stop messing around.” Instead, get clear on what you have been tolerating for fear of seeing your own light or being shamed for having a brilliant one. The old ways of surviving were passed on through the lineage and served well for the times that they were needed. We are called to stop living in the past and on outdated beliefs and to upgrade to current consciousness. 

The time to live our light is now.

But how? In order to live from your true self, you first must learn how to cultivate courage, dissolve what is holding you back, and root into your own power. The shift is huge, and it might seem daunting. But I guarantee it is worth the work!

When you feel ready to spark true transformation, I invite you to sign up for this powerful 3-day process of release and renewal. The New Year’s Online Retreat is a powerful place to start.

With brightest hope for 2020,


ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE and live more connected!

The New Year’s Tele-Retreat was the most spiritual experience I have ever had. I was moved by the depth, the intensity of the work and feel I have continued to benefit from the blessings and the light of the Divine since that time. The retreat was the major influence on my decision to join the Intuitive Healer Training Program beginning this March. I want more of what I felt then, the connectedness and deep contentment.”—JB

3-Day Retreat Schedule and Content

The retreat takes place the last three mornings of 2019 — December 29, 30, and 31. Session topics are as follows:

  • Clearing Outdated Fears that Anchor Outdated Survival Mechanisms
  • Surviving from Love, Thriving from Center and Radical Truth
  • Soul Activation and Attunement for A New Era

Each session starts with an hour-long webinar at 9am (MST). You will have two options for joining live: by phone or online. During this call, Wendy will lead energy clearings followed by a discussion including time for Q&A. Wendy will also give participants daily assignments coinciding with the subject matter of each morning’s call. These at-home exercises ask you to clear space and cultivate your vision for 2020.

Registration for the New Year’s Tele-Retreat comes with access to recordings of each session. This way, you can revisit the material ANY TIME! Or if the dates do not work with your schedule and you need to miss a day, you can still keep up with the group by listening to the session later in the day. Can’t make any of the calls? Absolutely. You can you still access the recordings and daily assignments to participate at your leisure. All Wendy asks is you make a 3-day commitment to participate.

Day 1—Clearing Outdated Fears that Anchor Outdated Survival Mechanisms

Fear is deep, subconscious energy bonding us to surviving in this world. While fear is a natural emotion and is not “negative” because it warns us when danger is present and protects us, it also suppresses joy and freedom and confuses truth. What fear does to the nervous system and the mind leaves lasting imprints on the soul that carry through the family line and through lifetimes. You may be carrying fears from the depression or from times of war, yet never lived through those experiences in this lifetime.  Collective, inter-generational and past life fears are real in how they imprint into our lives, creating limitations to your spirit’s ability to thrive. Our mission as souls in a body is to transform, heal and clear what no longer serves us throughout our lives. On this day, you will dive into deep healing to clear subconscious, intergenerational, past life and lineage fears that have kept your system in a state of striving for the light instead of having the fullness of your soul. This will be a big day of clearing!

Day 2—Surviving from Love, Thriving from Center and Radical Truth

During Day One, you will have cleared subconscious fears. In Day Two, we are going to be looking at what your system does truly need for survival now and how that can support you thriving from the true, centered you. When your being is continuously striving it’s coming from lack and deprivation of attaining the actualized YOU. Sometimes, old survival fears tell us that our dreams are unreachable or rediculous….or even too radical.  Well, it’s time to be radically true to you. Whatever is out of the box, crazy, or weird is actually creativity, innovation and being ahead of the curve in your life. On this day you will receive deep healing to support your true center on what truths you do want to live from, and thrive in for the year of 2020 and possibly the decade. This is a powerful class to support your inner creativity and spirit to thrive.

Day 3—Soul Activation and Attunement for A New Era

What is a Soul Activation? A Soul Activation, as simple as it sounds, is activating your soul to a new consciousness — Receiving from the Divine. The process includes clearing significant blocks and density in the body to upgrade your system energetically. From there, the spirit is activated in all the power centers. When the soul is activated, you are living more connected, present, and powerful. We are being called to live spiritually activated in our daily life to contribute to the greater good of this planet.

Once you have experienced the Soul Activation, your work then becomes Staying Connected.  This final call is to help you ground and integrate your soul’s activation and help you live more Divinely connected for a new era of time. The world will always challenge your commitment to your spiritual connection. Being awake means you still might have the difficult feelings. In fact, it means you dive into them. It means you have fierce compassion for yourself and others in struggles. This call will support you in setting up systems of sacred rituals so you can support yourself as you embrace this quantum shift.

You will also Divinely infuse and super-charge your set your intentions for 2020 in this session.

Whatever your personal goals may be for 2019, this entire retreat is to help you get connected to your SOUL, and create your life from your Divinely-infused and connected Heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I gift this retreat to a friend or family member?

Yes! All orders placed before December 18th will be eligible to “gift” the retreat to 1 friend free of charge. Buy one, gift one! We’ll send you instructions as soon as you place your order.

What if I need to miss a call?

No problem. We will record each session so you can listen later in the day and still keep up on daily assignments.

I can’t make any of the retreat dates. Any other options?

As mentioned in the previous question, registrants can access the recorded sessions soon after each morning’s webinar. We will keep these available indefinitely so you can revisit at your convenience.

How do I access each call?

Once you register, you will receive an email with a phone number and access code as well as an Internet link with which you can access the sessions from anywhere in the world.

Will I be required to participate in the discussion?

Although some folks will want to share their experience and questions, nobody is required to speak during discussion times.

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