3-day Online Retreat
December 29, 30 & 31, 2020
8am Pacific/11am Eastern/4pm Greenwich

With Author, Teacher & Intuitive Healer

Wendy De Rosa

This year, it’s essential to move through deep healing… 

Out of healing comes the infinite potential of your light, the power of your heart — and the rise of your intuitive abilities.

2020 has been a year of destabilization. Covid, politics, division, police brutality, loss, and a battle in our hearts and minds over what truth is. 

It’s been a trauma field.  

When living through trauma, our nervous system stays in chronic fight-or-flight mode, especially when we’re uncertain about when safety and relief will arrive.

As we move into 2021, healing is necessary — individually and collectively. We need to build resilience for the aspects of our lives that feel out of control.

What we can control is our own personal commitment to our individual healing. Out of that comes a deeper embodied truth that we can ground into. 

Yet, as we awaken, we have big healing to do this year ahead. 

Some of that will include healing our ancestral wounds, systemic racism, wounding to the feminine and the masculine, physical illness, emotional healing, mental imbalances or disorders, and our mother Earth…

Let’s move through this deeply healing work, and welcome in 2021, together. 

Join this year’s retreat to heal your heart, soul, mind and body from 2020 so that you can enter into 2021 more deeply connected to who you are. 

During this 3-day retreat you’ll receive:

  • A Deep guided healing facilitated through Spirit Guides and Angels to release what no longer serves you in your energy body and nervous system, to get centered in the truth of why you’re here, and more 
  • A Powerful Guided Journey to help you connect to your inner light and the truth of who you are
  • A Soul Activation to attune you to love and release the density in the body — and upgrade your system energetically
  • Essential practices to clear out old energy held in your body
  • Opening for a deeper connection to your SOUL — so you can create your life from your divinely-infused and connected heart

PLUS… Bring a Friend! Each registration includes TWO tickets!!

Healing Our Shadow

In 2021 our heart consciousness will expand as we leave the collective trauma of 2020 behind…

2020 brought the shadow to light so it can be healed. And while this expansion ultimately stretches us to be more centered and strong, it also puts us in a place of vulnerability. This is where doubt creeps in, where we leave wide open the possibility to lose connection to our divine center. Most commonly, we get trapped in a rip current of critical self-talk and managing emotions, and it pulls us away from our true nature.

The good news: the universe is calling us to own up to the more powerful aspects of our spirit. Loud and clear, it’s begging us to release what is not serving us, rewire our thinking, and tap into the larger energy that can significantly heal the world. The first step is to mindfully and energetically clean your slate so you can get clear on your intentions for living soulfully in 2021, and every year after…

“I found the 3-day retreat to be a powerful experience with immediate, positive results. In the weeks following the retreat, I began clearing out my home of clutter, changed to a whole foods vegetarian diet and lost 14 pounds. It was like a 1st chakra mega cleanse!”— KB

Release What Isn’t Serving You

From the heart up, you probably have the best intentions for yourself and your life. Yet emotional and energetic blocks held in the lower body will work against your progress. They will weigh you down physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is often how it manifests in daily life:

  • You struggle to find balance in our world’s “new normal.”
  • You’re bogged down in the details of each day, instead of living in alignment with your true life work.
  • You take on unhealthy eating habits, avoid exercise, and gain weight.
  • You feel lost, stuck, sluggish, or uninspired.
  • You indulge in critical self-talk.
  • You think negatively about your circumstances and those around you.
  • You fall victim to unhealthy relationships.
  • You sabotage your goals and dreams.
  • You can’t find your purpose in a world of duality.

So what is a spirit-in-need to do? Get sourced and open up to something greater

You’ll receive deep and powerful energy healing transmissions and soul activations during this 3-day retreat. Wendy will guide you reconnect to your spiritual flow and allow the Divine to replenish your entire being. 

These healings will become your foundation for staying clear, centered, and purposeful in a world that’s asking you to STEP IN. Ready to heal what’s come to the surface in this pivotal year — and step into your inner healer to contribute to the world in a bigger way? 

Start your journey by registering right now — and inviting a friend to join you! (Each registration includes a second FREE ticket!)

New Year’s Online Retreat
Release 2020, Activate Your Soul & Embody Your
Divine Light in 2021

3-day Online Retreat
December 29, 30 & 31, 2020
8am Pacific/11am Eastern/4pm Greenwich

This annual event is a unique opportunity to join Wendy LIVE for three days — sessions are December 29, 30 & 31, 2020, at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern/4pm Greenwich.

You’ll gather with Wendy and a heart-aligned community for in-depth teaching, interactive training sessions, and practices you can apply right away. 

And, don’t worry if you can’t join Wendy live — you can catch up anytime! 

You’ll receive unlimited access to streaming recordings of each session. You can refer to them time and again throughout the year to deepen your connection to your divinely inspired path for 2021.

Join Wendy via Live Streaming Video

You’ll easily connect with Wendy and your community face-to-face via video. You can also drop in using audio-only if you prefer. Joining Wendy online is easy — just use your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Again, don’t worry if you can’t join us live! Complete video and audio recordings will be available for you soon after each session (within 24 hours).

2020 New Year’s Online Retreat Collection
(Valued at $247.00)

Bonus #1: Bring a Friend! 

We believe that surrounding yourself with a heart-aligned community is integral to your success — and that we’re all being called to live spiritually activated in our daily lives together.With your registration, you’ll get an extra ticket so you can invite a friend to attend the retreat with you for FREE!

Bonus #2: Exclusive Wisdom Circle

Join esteemed School of Intuitive Studies teachers, Jackie Woodward and Debra Alwan-Humkey — and your New Year’s Online Retreat community — for this special event! Receive guidance and support for stepping into 2021 powerfully, aligned with your divinely inspired purpose.

Wisdom Circles are special gatherings only available to students in the yearlong Intuitive Healer Training Program. During this exclusive Wisdom Circle, Jackie and Debra will support you in taking the next step on your journey of releasing patterns that are holding you back, and inviting in higher guidance and direction for your path in 2021.

Join New Year’s Online Healing Retreat: Release 2020, Activate Your Soul & Embody Your Divine Light in 2021

This is a unique opportunity to interact live and directly with Wendy — renowned author, teacher, and intuitive healer.

Her powerful insights, accessible teaching, and pioneering work are helping create a more beautiful and empathetic world.

If you’re ready to make sure 2021 will be different — as you Divinely infuse and supercharge your intentions for 2021 and beyond —  click the enroll button below.

Reserve your spot in Wendy’s 3-day retreat, which includes:

  • Three 2-hour sessions with Wendy
    Receive guided healings and teachings from Wendy from the comfort of your own home. Each session includes a live streaming video option, or just listen to the audio from your favorite device. Retreat sessions are on December 29, 30 & 31, 2020 at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern/4pm Greenwich.
  • Three Retreat Session Video Recordings
    Each session video will be available for you to stream in high-quality format. Don’t worry if you miss a session, you can catch up when you watch the recording on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Three Audio Recordings of Each Session
    Following each session, in addition to streaming video, the audio will be available via high-quality MP3. You can listen in and catch up at your convenience or return to the guided healing time and again in your daily practice.

During this incredible 3-day healing experience, Wendy will facilitate healing and messages for you, for your personal clearing and for your work in the world — all with the help of your spirit guides and angels. This is powerfully deep clearing for you and a friend as you enter 2021

A Message from Wendy De Rosa

The New Year’s Healing Retreat is one of my favorite events, and I can hardly wait to share with you my most recent “download” from the spirit guides and angels. As you probably know, they guide my work as an intuitive. This season, they passed down a profound message regarding the retreat…

The collective is stirring, but healing. There is a great divide mirroring a deeper crack in the collective heart — and it comes with all the facets of heartbreak, including shock, anxiety, numbing, anger, and grief. 

Yet, many are awakening to a deeper state of being — a state that you have evolved to, and need to know how to integrate into life on this earth. 

The collective will shift as you stay true to the emerging of this light within you. Have patience, and be courageously devoted to truth, trust and the powers of the heart. Work together. Heal together… 

Following this transmission, I came to the notion that 2021 is a time to “stop messing around.” Instead, get clear on what you have been tolerating for fear of seeing your own light or being shamed for having a brilliant one. The old ways of surviving were passed on through the lineage and served well for the times that they were needed. We are called to stop living in the past and on outdated beliefs and to upgrade to current consciousness. 

The time to live our light is now.

But how? In order to live from your true self, you first must learn how to cultivate courage, dissolve what is holding you back, and root into your own power. The shift is huge, and it might seem daunting. But I guarantee it’s worth the work!

When you feel ready to spark true transformation, I invite you to sign up for this powerful 3-day process of release and renewal. The New Year’s Healing Retreat is a powerful place to start.

With brightest hope for 2021,


Align with the Divine and live more connected!

“The New Year’s Retreat was the most spiritual experience I have ever had. I was moved by the depth, the intensity of the work and feel I have continued to benefit from the blessings and the light of the Divine since that time. The retreat was the major influence on my decision to join the Intuitive Healer Training Program beginning this March. I want more of what I felt then, the connectedness and deep contentment.””— JB

3-Day Retreat Schedule and Content

The retreat takes place the last three mornings of 2020December 29, 30 & 31. Session topics are as follows:

  • Repair & Release the Trauma of 2020
  • Remembering the Truth of Why You’re Here
  • Soul Activation & Attunement to Embody Your Light

Each session starts with an hour-long webinar at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern/4pm Greenwich. You will have two options for joining live: by phone or online. During this call, Wendy will lead energy clearings followed by a discussion including time for Q&A. Wendy will also give participants daily assignments coinciding with the subject matter of each morning’s call. These at-home exercises ask you to clear space and cultivate your vision for 2021.

Registration for the New Year’s Online Retreat comes with access to recordings of each session. This way, you can revisit the material ANYTIME! Or if the dates don’t work with your schedule and you need to miss a day, you can still keep up with the group by listening to the session later in the day

Can’t make it live to any of the calls? No problem! You can still access the recordings and daily assignments to participate at your leisure. All Wendy asks is you make a 3-day commitment to participate.

Day 1: Repair & Release the Trauma of 2020

No matter where you are today, you’ve experienced hurt this year, awoken this year, grieved this year… and felt the incredible division.  

Coming together to heal in community is essential to welcoming in 2021 and starting anew. 

You’ll move through a deep guided healing to release the trauma you’ve been holding in your energy body and nervous system. Some of that trauma may be old and stirred from this past year — and some of it may be related to shock, fear, grief, anger and the experience of the collective trauma… 

Either way, you may need to be held right now to let your spirit and body let go to allow a new way of being.  

This opening day is about receiving healing, repair and release of trauma from 2020 — in a nurturing, guided journey to help you feel a sense of equanimity and safety. 

Day 2: Remembering the Truth of Why You’re Here

This past year, truth was challenged by division and opposing beliefs. 

While there are universal truths, there are also personal truths and beliefs that help you survive as a human being… 

Sometimes, though, those personal truths get in the way of a deeper truth. 

When you connect to your deeper truth, your beliefs change, light emerges, the central channel clears, and you become more embodied. You let go of spending time in distraction or proving who is right or wrong.  Instead your actions become more refined to support why you are here. 

While it’s not an overnight process, today you’ll be guided through a healing to help you get centered in the truth of why you’re here. This level of awareness helps you focus your thoughts and energy — and frees you from distraction, addictions, and disconnection.  

As you’ll see, once you know your truth and what you’re here to do and commit to it — no matter how simple or gradios as it may be — the doors will open in your life.

Day 3: Soul Activation & Attunement to Embody Your Light

What is a Soul Activation? 

A Soul Activation is activating your soul to a new consciousness as you receive from the Divine. The process includes clearing significant blocks and density in the body to upgrade your system energetically. 

From there, the spirit is activated in all the power centers. When the soul is activated, you’re living in more connected, present, and powerful ways. 

We’re being called to live spiritually activated in our daily life and contribute to the greater good of this planet.

Once you’ve experienced the Soul Activation, your work then becomes staying connected… 

This final day of the retreat is a deep soul healing — you’ll ground and integrate your heart, light, and truth in this era of consciousness. 

The world will always challenge your commitment to your spiritual connection. Being awake means you have the capacity and tools to be with the human experience. It means you embrace your triggers as opportunities for healing… 

It also means you have fierce compassion for yourself and others in struggles. This closing session will support you in setting up systems of sacred rituals so you can support yourself as you embrace this quantum shift.

You’ll also Divinely infuse and supercharge your intentions for 2021 and beyond…

Whatever your personal goals are for 2021 this retreat will help you get connected to your SOUL — and create your life from your divinely-infused and connected heart.

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New Year’s Online Retreat
Release 2020, Activate Your Soul & Embody Your
Divine Light in 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I gift this retreat to a friend or family member?

Yes! In fact, each registration includes two free tickets! When you place your order, you’ll be invited to “gift” a retreat to a friend for free!

What if I need to miss a call?

We will record each session so you can listen later in the day, or whenever it is most convenient for you, and still keep up with your Sadhana.

I can’t make any of the retreat dates. Any other options?

Registrants will have unlimited access to each recorded session soon after each session (plus bonuses!) Each will be available for you to stream in high-quality format to watch and listen to on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

How do I access each call?

Once you register, you will receive an email with access details so you can access sessions from anywhere in the world. Join via online or by phone.

Will I be required to participate in the discussion?

Although some participants will want to share their experience and questions, no one is required to speak during discussion times.

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