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For our full Terms of Service, please visit here. This policy outlines our purchase policies, which include refund and cancellation policies for all products and services offered on the Site. If you are uncertain of a particular policy or have questions, please email: info@schoolofintuitivestudies.com.

On the Site, you may purchase:

  • Private Healing Sessions (“Private Sessions”);
  • Self-Study Courses (“Courses”), exclusive of the Training Programs defined below;
  • Intuitive Healer Training and Certification Program (“IHTP”) and the Advanced Intuitive Healer Training and Certification Program (“AIHTP”), collectively referred to as “Training Programs” within these policies.
  • Membership in the Divine Healer Monthly Membership (“Membership”);
  • Events and Retreats (“Events”);
  • Ebooks and Meditations (“Digital Products”);
  • Books (“Physical Products”); and,
  • Events and Retreats (“Events”).

If referred to collectively, all products and services listed above will be referred to as “Products” or they will be referred to individually by the names listed above.



Refunds on Private Sessions:  Refunds are not available for Private Sessions.

Cancellations of Private Sessions: Notice of cancellations of Private Sessions must be received one business day prior to the scheduled Private Session, with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If your session falls on a Monday, you must provide a minimum of 48 hours notice is requested.

If you cancel your schedule in accordance with this cancellation policy, you may reschedule your Private Session. If you cancel a single session more than two times, you may forfeit the session. If you cancel a Private Session without proper notice or you fail to attend a Private Session, full payment of the session will be charged.


Access to Courses: You will have indefinite access to the Course.

Refunds on Courses: We are fully committed to helping you grow personally and spiritually. You have until three days after enrollment to request a refund, subject to the conditions listed below. We do this because we are looking specifically for serious and dedicated students. We expect you to make a wise and thoughtful commitment to beginning this journey and educational process.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require a complete assessment of how you have applied the work in the first three days. This means you must take immediate action in the course purchased. We know when you commit to the lessons, and completing the work, you will see results. If you don’t get value, the following refund policy will apply:

  • Full tuition refund given up to three days after purchase.
  • After three days there is a $50 service charge withheld and the balance is refunded.
  • After one week, $90 is withheld and the remaining balance refunded.
  • After week three, there are no refunds.


Refunds: Refunds for Training Programs are as follows:

  • Once you make the commitment to join and make payment towards the program, there is a $500 service charge withheld.
  • Should you change your mind about being part of the program during the pre-course calls and 30 days before Module One Starts starts, a $1000 service charge is withheld.
  • If you begin the Module One work and do not get value, the following refund policy will apply up until Module Two: $1500 is withheld and the remaining balance paid will be refunded within 30 days.
  • After the start of Module Two, there are no refunds.

Important Note: To be eligible for the partial refund during Module One, we require your completed homework from Module One. This means you must take immediate action in this program. We know if you commit to listening to the live calls, reviewing the audio and video lessons, and completing the homework, you will see results.

Deferral of Training Programs: Because we believe it is important you feel called to join this program, we trust you will make the commitment to join from a clear place. We understand unforeseen circumstances do happen so program participants will have indefinite access to the Training Program materials as a student of the Training Program. Please do not request a refund because you have not had the time to go through the Training Program materials or could not attend specific live call sessions. In the event you have an unforeseen life circumstance that limits you from participating in the program, you may defer your enrollment and receive a credit for the incomplete course sections. This credit expires 12 months after it is issued and may be used toward the enrollment of a future Training Program.


Creating Your Membership Account: On the Site, you may enroll in an ongoing membership (“Membership”), which is delivered electronically and billed periodically, as agreed to at the time your purchase was processed (e.g., monthly or annually).

At the time of purchase, you will create a Membership profile in order to access the Membership materials.

Cancellation of Membership: Membership may be cancelled at any time with 30 days’ notice; however, no refunds will be authorized after the Membership fee has been charged. To avoid incurring additional fees, you must cancel your Membership prior to the next billing date. To cancel or change your Membership, you may either: a) cancel through your Membership profile or b) email info@schoolofintuitivestudies.com.  Your access to the Membership will be disabled at the expiration of the period for which you have already paid.

Refunds for Membership: Refunds are not available for Membership fees that have already been charged. You may avoid incurring additional fees by cancelling your Membership prior to the billing date.

If you encounter any issues when using the Membership, please contact customer service via Support in your Member Portal or via info@schoolofintuitivestudies.com.


Refunds on Events: Refunds are not available; however, you may be permitted to transfer your ticket to a third party. Terms for individual events may vary. Please see the particular event for more details. Please note, this policy is applicable only to purchases you have made on the Site. If you made a purchase through a retreat center or another provider, you must abide by their return policy.


Refunds on Digital Products: Requests for refunds must be received within 24 hours of the timestamp of your purchase for all Digital Products.


You may purchase physical products, such as books, from the Website. Please note, this policy is applicable only to the purchase you have made on the Website. If you made a purchase through Amazon or another retailer, you must abide by their return policies.

Refunds on Physical Products: Requests for Physical Products are not available at this time.


As the purchaser of Company’s Products, you will receive access to exclusive content created for that particular Product (“Company Materials”). All Company Materials were developed solely for your personal use and may not be reproduced for publication or for the personal or commercial use of others without permission from Company, except as stated herein.