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Connecting more deeply with your purpose means letting go of what’s holding you back — and seeking out the support you need to uncover your inner light.

Whether you’re determined to lose weight, feel called to grow spiritually, have questions about your life path, need energy clearing, are ready to work through childhood trauma or PTSD, or need more general healing, our trained, certified healers are equipped to support you with compassion and expertise.

Each highly qualified healer adheres to extensive training and certification requirements. All healers are surrounded by their own community of support and supervision, and adhere to the School of Intuitive Studies Healer Code of Ethics.

Lead Healers and Trainers

Debra Alwan-Humkey

Do you feel you have lost your purpose, are off-center or not connected to the “REAL YOU”? Imagine how it would feel to know and love your true self and discover your life’s purpose. My passion is bringing healing to you and guiding you to live a heart-centered, joy-filled and empowered life.

You’re unique and so is your situation, which is why every session will be customized specifically for where you’re at in that moment. Whether you’re experiencing loss of your life’s purpose, anxiety, depression or trauma just to name some situations. You’ll be supported with the right tools and techniques during each session, based on my experience and training in several modalities including: intuitive energy healing, life coaching, Reiki, hypnotherapy and crystal healing.

Jackie Woodward

As a young girl, Jackie first noticed her gift of intuition. She didn’t think much of it, not realizing how special and powerful it was.

Jackie’s natural gifts of intuition and compassion have lead her onto the path of a healer and intuitive guide.

She helps people remove the blocks in their lives so they can see more clearly and live with greater purpose.

Whether you are dealing with a medical condition, experiencing relationship challenges, healing from loss, or seeking clarity in your career- whatever the transition you are going through everyone can benefit from working with her.

Lead Healers

Saori Murphy

I am so happy you are here! Your presence reveals the desire and willingness to step more fully into the highest expression of YOU. The you that has the right to live with more joy, love and harmony.

I believe we all have life experiences that can mold and shape us into who we are, and sometimes those experiences can create limitations or dis-ease within our energetic body, emotional wellbeing, and creative or spiritual growth.

Through my own healing journey with trauma and emotional challenges, I discovered my strength and resilience by allowing myself to be with and release the emotions and feelings that were keeping me blocked from my core truths. This took patience, self love, radical self acceptance, and the willingness to be supported.

Lindsey Fernandez

Over twenty years ago, I began my journey into the healing arts as massage therapist. As I became aware of my natural empathic gifts I was led down the path of exploring Intuitive Healing. A graduate of the School of Intuitive Studies in 2018, the Advanced Intuitive Healer Training and also an Assistant for the current Intuitive Healer Training Program, this work is my heart’s mission.

I also feel a special connection to the plants and trees. In addition to Intuitive Healings, I offer consultations and education around working with pure essential oils consciously for
transformation and healing. With over 15 years of working with, studying and teaching about the plants in essence form, I’m STILL learning and it is a joy to share this with others who feel called to this medicine.

Jan Gough

Over the past twenty-five years, Jan Gough has used her intuitive healing gifts in a variety of settings. As an Interfaith chaplain in teaching hospitals, she helps patients and their families identify and wrestle with the spiritual questions arising in the face of illness, and especially, in the face of death and bereavement. Using guided imagery, Reiki, intentional breathing, and intuitive awareness of the energetics of illness and death, Jan has assisted souls in crossing over and their families and friends as they grieve.

Seeing the toll of daily caregiving on families raising children and/or caring for aging or unwell family members while also needing to make a living, Jan invites everyone into a safe space to speak from their exhausted and frequently broken hearts. She introduces them to heart-healing energetic, spiritual, and physical practices designed to sustain their own health and resiliency both daily and over time.

Meryl Fields, LCSW

Meryl Fields is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and, an intuitive healer with over 20 years of experience working with clients. In 2016, Meryl completed Wendy De Rosa’s Intuitive Healer Training Program to dive deeper into her own healing, and to broaden the types of support she can offer to others. Her work with clients is dynamic in that she brings her therapeutic background and training in Somatic Experiencing to her energy work. Her approach is interactive, a blend of techniques that include breath work, guided meditation, mindfulness, somatic and psychodynamic practices, and resource and skill building. Meryl’s specializations include trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions and relationship challenges. She has a private practice in San Rafael, California.


Emily Weaver

In my work with clients, be it energy work, therapy, or coaching, I bring warmth, humor, deep listening, curiosity, and my intuition. Being a human in this world is sometimes a tricky business. To be human is to carry a stunning array of feelings and emotions, in our energetic bodies, that sometimes are delightful and sometimes are exquisitely painful. Many of us did not grow up in a culture or family where we were encouraged to develop deep introspection and respect for how our emotions impact our lives. We often develop sophisticated ways to stay out of connection with our feelings and our body’s wisdom.

Brigitte Rivet

Brigitte Rivet graduated from the certified Intuitive Healer Training Program and is now taking part as an Assistant at the School of Intuitive Studies. She has been a professional in education for over 28 years.

As an empath, she has learned to navigate life and now feels empowered and recognizes its contribution into her life. Her own personal, and at times challenging journey has gifted her the opportunity to heal herself along the way. She now accompanies others through their individual healing journey. Using intuitive energy healing, Reiki, guided meditation, and other modalities, she offers healing and guidance while giving tools to continue one’s life journey and regain a more balanced life.

Nataliya Zalyesova

My focus in healing, personally, as well as a Healer, is on deepening connection with self and Divine within. It is my experience that disconnection at one of these levels
causes pain.

Life invited me to live and learn within several languages and cultures. Adjusting to challenges while using sensitivity gifts was a bruising yet revelatory experience. Loss of sense of self is an explicit invitation to discover your purity, uniqueness, and a sense of purpose.

The pain you have experienced so far, and existential pull that brought you to this
School, are immense gifts. I will be honoured to walk alongside you on this path of
growth. Lovingly creating and holding a healing space is my calling.

Linda Bayer

Our lives can be seen as a journey… sometimes the ride is smooth and sometimes it is down right rocky. The hard times can seem overwhelming and we can feel very alone.

We can feel confused, sad, anxious and depressed. When grief surfaces we may not know where to turn for help. We may not even know where the strong emotions come from.

I want you to know that you are not alone. I have been in dark places on this journey we call life and as a graduate of The Advanced Intuitive Healer Training Program, I have learned tools to transform the dense, dark, contracted energy
into expansive energy. I have learned that there is always a gift under the sadness. Your power is waiting to be released on the other side of your pain.

Margaret (Margie) Hall

Sometimes when we feel stuck in life, it is the energy of the past that weighs us down. I like to support my clients by healing what holds them back from living their best lives.
This is a method that I have used to support my own personal transformation. Here’s my story:

In 1986, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science and then spent the next 35 years
working in the Information Technology industry. Always aware of my intuitive gifts, after a divorce in 2000, I started exploring my intuitive and empathic abilities and
inadvertently set myself on a 20-year spiritual journey.

Maria Loughlin

Maria began her healing journey as one of Wendy’s De Rosa’s one-on-one clients. She came to Wendy after suffering the loss of several loved ones in a short period of time, which left her feeling untethered and deeply lost. Through their work together, Maria discovered a path back to herself, which awakened a calling to help others facilitate their own healing. As a Certified Advanced Intuitive Energy Healer and Certified Facilitator at the School of Intuitive Studies, Maria has cultivated a practice that supports reconnection with Self, with Spirit, and with Divine love, all elements that she found crucial in healing her own heart.

Mary Watson

Mary Watson is a versatile and experienced energy healer.

As a teenager, Mary struggled with the loss of her parents and several other family members. She found exercise as an outlet for her loneliness and suffering. As she began to heal, she discovered a passion for helping others through exercise. She became a Pilates trainer, and then a studio owner.

After extensive training in anatomy, she became a certified Movement and Postural Analyst. In working with her clients, Mary began to realize that she was an intuitive empath. This knowledge created a natural pathway to her work in energy healing.

Yvette Herbert

From childhood, I felt drawn to Spirit, Nature, and the Arts. Even at a young age, I could feel and see things that most people couldn’t relate to. I am an Empath and strongly sense the world and people around me. I have cultivated these sensitivities to assist me in my own healing journey as well as others. My Life’s Desires are to help guide and bring awareness to anyone who wishes to reconnect and heal what holds them back from being their True and Best Self.

Ilene Leshinsky

You’re here! And I’m so glad. It means that you want more joy and fulfillment in your life.
Or maybe you want to ease the pain of loss, or trauma, or those curveballs that life
throws us. I’m Ilene Leshinsky and I want to help. Throughout my thirty-year career as a
psychotherapist, empath, intuitive healer, and body image specialist, I’ve worked
primarily with women to support their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

I love working with women. So often we don’t realize our own gifts and talents. Because
we are taking care of so much else, our families, our jobs, our communities, our multiple
roles, we get lost. We forget we are special and worthy! I would like to help you to find
your way back to yourself. She’s there, inside of you, waiting.

Chawntay McKinzie

Welcome Beautiful Soul.
I believe that most of us on this spiritual journey are looking for love, joy, and happiness for ourselves and others. But oftentimes we are blocked by past experiences in this lifetime as well as past lifetimes. These blocks keep us from fully loving and accepting ourselves. Healing and coming to a place of love and compassion for our authentic self, the essence of our spirit, allows us to express our true selves to the world. Your authentic presence is a gift to this lifetime.

Carolyn Flaherty

Carolyn Flaherty is an apprentice and a new graduate of the Intuitive Healer Training Program here at the School of Intuitive Studies. She is not only a registered nurse but has her Reiki II certification.

Carolyn has a holistic positive proactive approach toward health and vitality but also illness, infirmity and end of life issues. She uses not only her knowledge from a nursing perspective but also uses visual, auditory, aromatherapy, Reikki, and intuition to provide a meditative session for you to tap into your best self.

During a typical session with Carolyn there will be an opening email correspondence and your choice of an online SKYPE/Messenger meeting or phone call. The phone conversation can lasts up to 1 hour depending on your need.

Barb Fuller

Barbara Fuller enjoyed a lengthy career in Corporate Finance.

Ten years ago, she found herself on a path that led her into the world of adoption trauma and loss. This steered her to a new career in energy work, helping others that have experienced the many emotions of identity loss and separation. Barb is an Intuitive Healer, a graduate of the School of Intuitive Studies, founded by Wendy De Rosa. She is certified as a Reiki practitioner and SoulCollage® Facilitator. Barb works with adult adoptees and natural parents in a Canadian support group and is a member of the American Adoption Congress. Her personal experience will support you whether you are looking for kinship, are in search, or are in one of the many levels of reunion. She understands the benefits of energy work in personal healing and growth and in life transitions.

She provides vast experience and wisdom as she gently guides you, helping you make a powerful shift to a life that is more joyful and fulfilling.

Aurora Culkin

Aurora has been a seeker of the light from the time she was a young adult. Through these years of exploration she has experienced and studied many practices such as reflexology and Reiki 1 and 2. While attending Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive Studies she found her life’s purpose, to guide others to connect to their inner light. As a certified Spiritual Director, she learned the intricacies of leading others towards a deeper connection to the divine, to grow her compassion for others and to know the divine in a deeper way. Integrating Wendy’s Intuitive Healing Training enabled Aurora to go from theoretical information gathering, to being able to intuit and guide a healing session through the lens of the chakras.

Andrea Dennison

Dr. Andrea Dennison is a graduate of the Advanced IHTP and provides intuitive healing sessions in both English and Spanish. She integrates modern and ancient modalities of healing in all private and group sessions through use of breath work, visualization, narrative, and deep healing through the chakras to clear specific blocks. Also, she specializes in helping to navigate life’s many transitions, including concerns which occur as one or one’s loved ones approach the end of this lifetime’s journey. She enjoys working with people from all walks of life, and is committed to justice and equity. 

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