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Reduce Stress through this Guided Meditation

Do you live with stress in your daily life?

Is stress so normal to you that you don’t even realize its there? Or are you aware it’s there, but can’t really let go?

I certainly can relate sometimes.

I just returned from leading a retreat and visiting family in Costa Rica. Within the beautiful surroundings of ocean and rainforest, came deep relaxation. Even after all my years of meditation and healing, being a business owner, I noticed that I carry something that Costa Ricans do not.


I don’t even know it’s there sometimes because in my world of running a business, being a mom and living in a forward moving society, stress is normal. The revving of my system each day to manage so much turns into a terrible cycle of creating more things to stress about, so I can more stressed.

It’s only when I give myself experiences of decompression such as healing retreats, or tension releasing experiences that I can feel the softening in my body. From there the contrast of life with and without stress is quite humbling.

Today’s video is a Guide Meditation on reducing stress. Ironically, I recorded the whole video and noticed that the top of my head was cut off. You know what? I’m not stressing about it! You’ll get what you need from the video regardless.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below.