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Reframing Dark Nights of the Soul as Purposeful

If you’ve ever lived through the Dark Night of the Soul, it can feel like a tunnel. It can mirror depression, loneliness, fatigue, and isolation. However, it can be a profoundly mystical time when your soul is letting go of what can no longer live in the layers of your being. It’s a die-off process, where the layers are shedding from your energy body. It’s a time to cocoon when you have to retreat from the world. It’s a time for you to hug the center of your being called the pillar of light. It’s a profoundly mystical time where the layers of the ego are shifting.   The ways in which they needed to relate to the external world or to people at the time when your former survival depended on those layers, those thoughts, and those patterns no longer serve your well-being.

In those mystical moments, you are connecting with your soul, the pain, and higher consciousness; it’s ancient wisdom, ancestral wisdom, and all the lives you’ve lived that carry the information that makes up who you are now. Dark Nights of the Soul unravels the ego and the pain-body. Medicating through alcohol, drugs, sex, sugar, or any other form of escape could seem like a viable option to bypass the Dark Night of the Soul, but it doesn’t always go away. These options just suppress the pain beneath the surface, which waits to surface at another time when you may be ready to address the underlying issues.

Because people fear the Dark Night of the Soul as if it’s bad, shameful, or wrong, we don’t always have language for it or permission to just be in it.  Spending time in this space can invite you into the depths of your being to know all of who you are. It wants you to take responsibility for what is yours from the past, release what isn’t, forgive, and let go of carrying it forward. You can’t release what you haven’t yet fully faced. Embrace it, see it as a lesson on your journey, and let it go.

Shadow work is some of the hardest work we can do as a soul in a body. It’s also some of the most courageous work we can do, as it makes us real, trustworthy, and compassionate toward others. It deepens our gaze and opens up the window to our soul. This allows others to trust us more because we’ve walked through the depths and back. Trust builds for us and for others, when we make it through the tunnel, having built muscle and torn off false layers that defined our ego but not our soul. Trust builds when we have dropped deeper into the lower half of the body, sang from that place, laughed from that place, and cried from that place.  The expression of the lower power centers helps move energy in order to find the power that exists in the lower half of the body – a place that we’ve been collectively shamed from living in because the heart and the mind are more glorified spiritual centers.

The Dark Night of the Soul takes you into your second chakra, your root chakra, and your heart’s doorways to purge grief, fear, and shame. Rebirth is on the other side of these dark times, and rebirth needs a second chakra in all its glory and creativity in order to start anew. So, detoxing the lower chakras during the Dark Night process is necessary for the chrysalis to unfurl and the butterfly wings to spread.  Rebirth is not a projection of who you want to be or an intention that you said on New Year’s Eve. Rebirth comes because you’ve gone into the night of your being to just be, and feel, purge and gestate, dissolve, become, and courageously move through the tunnel into the light that has always been there, waiting for you and honoring your time of becoming. 

So when you do spread your wings, the wings extend from the back of your heart chakra, a place that is deeply connected to your central channel where your soul and divine consciousness co-mingle with a higher mission. Our dark nights are the mystical times to develop that connection with the Divine. So, not only do wings spread so your soul can fly, but the divine essence through the center of your body is fueling those wings. And you learn that it’s not just the universe outside of you that has your back, but it is the deep universe within you that’s asking for you to trust the light of your soul more deeply.  This is the power that spreads those wings. 

There is no light without the darkness. And if you’re in your dark tunnel now, I’ve been there too. You’re not alone; just remember it’s a powerful mystical time for you to discover the Divine within you. Guide your breath to a glowing light in the center of your being that carries the wisdom of your soul, and breathe there. 

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