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Rise of the Feminine #MeToo

It is happening; the feminine is rising. To be clear, the feminine includes the following aspects:

Soft, intuitive, sensitive, knowing, wild, creative, co-creative, yielding, gentile, introverted, forgiving, soulful, spiritual, connected, connectable, conscious, wise, passionate, honest, integrity, emotionally communicative, expressive, truthful, sensual, fluid, trusting, sexual, innocent, playful, loving, beautiful, pure, and vulnerable.

These qualities can exist in both men and women. Yet, both genders have been shamed for feeling these sides of themselves. Collectively, society has hidden and covered up the feminine for fear transparency means weakness. Fear dominated the feminine as fear became a way to suppress the Truth.

The Feminine is rising in all of us.

The #Meetoo and #Iamsorry movement is digging beneath shame to bring truth to the surface. Where vulnerability and honesty were feared, these qualities are now seen as raw, honest, relatable and they give permission for people to be real with themselves about what’s really there.

From there we connect on a deeper level… Truth.

In the energetic anatomy, feminine power is part of the 2nd chakra in your pelvis. This chakra relates to the qualities listed above, but the shadow emotion that stores in this area of the body is shame. When there is shame for having feminine qualities, it can result in dishonorable actions or acting out in a way that eventually results in embarrassment or shameful feelings. It hurts to feel like a part of your being is not ok. And that’s not your fault; it is how society sees the feminine – as not ok.

As a result, men cannot relate to their feminine sides so they suppress or hurt the feminine. Women do not know their feminine nature is ok, so they suppress it, hurt themselves, or fear the masculine.

This is a very wounded part of the body collectively. It is a very wounded consciousness that is refusing to stay wounded anymore.

Healing is happening first by people having the courage to use their voice and speak truth. The voice is a powerful tool for healing shame. Just talking about it is the first step in healing it.

From there the unraveling of the story…

Learning to Feel
Feeling More: anger, rage, shame, guilt, grief, fear.
Not fearing your feelings, but allowing them to be felt.
Getting support and being vulnerable enough (which is a POWER) to ask for help.
Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Others
Finding voice or expression
Claiming your Truth Self

It will take men to get in touch with their feminine sides for them to see women truly. It takes women getting in touch with their wounds and feminine side to acknowledge their power.

Watch this video to explore further the Feminine power as it relates to your 2nd Chakra:

The feminine has emerged. How will you befriend her?