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School of Intuitive Studies Membership Update 2

On December 20th, I sent an email to our SIS membership community announcing the closing of the SIS Membership. Details were provided in this blog post to explain the reasons behind the decision. As this door closes, I am welcoming you through a new open door to opportunities with me in 2024. I am committed to providing you with the same in-depth teachings, guided healing, and training with a cleaner and more efficient technological process. 

I want to acknowledge that this process of transition of the SIS Membership has not been easy or smooth.  I want to express my gratitude for the patience, resilience, and understanding that you have brought forth, especially when directing your inquiries to the SIS support staff.  

Closing down the SIS Membership coincides with a redirection of SIS, including how you can access previously recorded content, new Divine Guidance Healings, Yoga with Christine, and more.  The consistent message from within me is to counterbalance “online” teaching with more in-person teaching going forward and also to make the Divine Guidance Healings more widely accessible. While I do hope to see you in person one day at an upcoming in-person event, I would like to share with you the details about how we will be offering all the content you have become so familiar with and fond of.

The Energy Healing and Intuition Training is a self-paced and self-guided course that will continue to be available, however, at a reduced price.  This is possible now that this course will be a digital course.  This means that you will purchase the online curriculum, which includes seven levels of lecture content, guided healings, and reflection questions for deeper exploration. Please review the full description of the course here.

Our new Online Digital Store is where you will find all of our Divine Guidance Healings, Courses, Single Meditations, Healing Bundles, and much more. There are some early-bird products that were released in our store, and many more coming, as all of the previous SIS membership content will be available in the Digital Store. I want to emphasize that this material is not gone, rather, I am offering it to you in a new format. 

Purchasing a product from the digital store means it’s a one-time purchase, and you will have ongoing access to that product. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a welcome email for access to the content that you purchase. The full digital store is going to be released soon, allowing you to choose from all the meditations that you have become familiar with, as well as new live and recorded content.

By the end of January, as previously offered based on your SIS Membership payment plan, you will be sent a link to use for qualifying purchases through the Digital Store.  The link can be used at any time but expires after use. We will notify you when these links are sent, as well as for the Grand Opening of our Digital Store. Please know that we will continue to roll out all the content as soon as possible.

Wendy will still be offering the Divine Guidance Healings monthly through May.  These are being offered as a public event for $39 each. Once you enroll for the live event, you will then receive access to the recording in the Digital Store within 48 hours.  You can find the DGH dates, times, and links to register for all the topics here.  

The next Divine Guidance Healing with Wendy De Rosa is on January 17  @ 11 am PST, Strengthening Your Divine Connection without Losing Your Ground. 

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Live Events with Wendy De Rosa

I am looking forward to spending more time and energy connecting with this community in person through live workshops. One option offered to you through the closure of the SIS Membership is to forward your annual or monthly payments toward one of these in-person events of 2024.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to each one of you for being a part of this incredible journey with me over the years. Your presence has made a significant impact, and I look forward to sharing bright new opportunities that will allow us to stay connected and deepen our intuition and inner healing together.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

With love,