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School of Intuitive Studies Membership Update

Hello SIS Members,

I am saddened to inform you that we will be closing down the School of Intuitive Studies Membership at the end of December. We have encountered a software issue that cannot be corrected while the membership is still running. Please know that this issue does not impact security or financial information at all. It relates to how our database connects members to their content inside our portals. Over the years, we have tried to fix this issue with the efforts and advice of many experts, and it’s increased the confounding tech issues that you and we experience.  

We care deeply about this community and all of you within it, but we simply cannot move forward with the membership in integrity because of this issue.  We have exhausted all avenues in an effort to avoid any further system and technical issues, and unfortunately, closing the SIS Membership is necessary and our last resort.  Our Intuitive Healer Training Programs, Energy Healing and Intuition Programs, and NEW programs are not affected by this technical issue. 

Closing down the SIS Membership coincides with a redirection of SIS, including how you can access Divine Guidance Healings, Yoga with Christine, and more.  The consistent message from within me is to counterbalance “online” teaching with more in-person teaching going forward and also to make the Divine Guidance Healings more widely accessible. While I do hope to see you in person one day at an upcoming in-person event, I also have something else to share.

Being in a membership means that you have had access to the materials as long as you are a member. When you are no longer a member, you lose access to those materials. Our new Online Digital Store is where you will find all of our Divine Guidance Healings, Courses, and Healing Bundles in a non-membership format. We have some early-bird products that we released in our store now, and many more coming in January. 

Purchasing a product from our digital store means it’s a one-time purchase, and you will have ongoing access to that product. Our full digital store is going to be released soon, allowing you to choose meditations that work for you.

Divine Guidance Healings and Yoga

We are currently creating a special way for you to receive the Divine Guidance Healings in the new year, along with the Yoga with Christine classes.  We will keep you posted about that in January. In the meantime, Christine has offered to hold one more yoga class for the SIS Membership community on Jan 5 @ 8 am PT.    Current SIS members will receive an email with access to that class. For now, you can save the date!

So, What Happens to Your Membership Payments?

We have 3 options below for annual paying members and one option for monthly members. Please know that if you paid in December, you will be able to keep your access to the Healing Through the Holidays workshop as it was built in our new portal.  

To minimize emails to our customer support, we have created a form for you to submit your choice of the following options

If you are an annual paying member, you will have one of 3 options:  

  • Option 1. For your balance paid, you will receive a link for 5 free qualifying products from our Digital Store. We will send this link when more of our products are released by the end of January.  The link can be used at any time but expire after use.  *please note this information has been updated from the original that referenced coupon codes or a live DGH. Instead of coupon codes, you will be provided a link for the store.
  • Option 2. Forward your remaining balance to the Energy Healing and Intuition Training or the Costa Rica Retreat.
  • Option 3. Receive a prorated refund for your remaining balance.

If you have been paying monthly for your membership, your subscription will be canceled on Jan 2, and you will retain access to the Healing Through the Holidays workshop as your December event. You will have access to the SIS membership portal until Jan 8. You will receive a link for 3 qualifying products from the Digital Store  as a thank-you for being a member.  We will send this link when more of our products are released by the end of January.  The link can be used at any time but expire after use.  *please note this information has been updated from the original that referenced coupon codes or a live DGH with Wendy. Instead of coupon codes, you will be provided a link for the store.

Annual and Monthly-Paying Members! 

Please fill out this form below to choose your options

Timeline and What to Expect: 

This is a tough transition for us all, technically and emotionally, so we ask for your patience as we navigate fulfilling your choice of the options above. Once you submit the requested information on the form, we will begin to process your request. Please note that many members are up for annual renewals in December, and some do not remember that they have enrolled in the annual option or they use multiple email addresses for SIS products, so this adds a complication that takes time. Please know that the School of Intuitive Studies only auto-charges renewal member subscriptions that were agreed to at the time of purchase. 

By January 8, we will be closing access to the SIS membership portal. Coupon codes will be issued in January once we announce the Grand Opening of the Digital Store 🎉.  At that time (and after you submit information on the forms above), you will receive the coupon codes if that is the option you choose. 

If a refund is requested, please allow us up to 45 days to issue any refunds due to the holidays. If your card is inadvertently charged in January, it will be refunded. You can send an email to:, with any concerns or to follow up. We appreciate any kindness you extend to our customer service staff, who are working hard to address questions and requests. 

As SIS transitions through the process of cleaning the technology, I am aware of the similarities of clearing the root chakra. Cleansing and clearing the Root Chakra of the school is a way to springboard in a new direction and expand the availability of the offerings and teachings worldwide. I will continue to offer profound teachings and healings for you to receive in a format that is clear and more aligned with our core mission. I am excited to share with you what’s to come. 

Lastly, we want to thank you for being a part of the School of Intuitive Studies Membership.  The SIS Community has always been connected, vibrant, and supportive of each other, and we have enjoyed having you be a part of it. Your participation in this community has had an instrumental role in expanding our reach in supporting sensitives, empaths, and intuitives all over the world, and we are very grateful. Thank you for showing up and sharing your light within our community. We hope you can continue to support us as we grow and evolve to offer our teachings worldwide.

Here are the next steps that are ready to go for you now!

Again, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each one of you for being a part of this incredible journey with me over the years. Your presence has made a significant impact, and I look forward to sharing bright new opportunities that will allow us to stay connected and deepen our intuition and inner healing together.



At this time, we are not planning a new membership. We are considering ways to maintain our community, however. Please stay tuned to our emails for updates as we have them.

The SIS membership is the main product that was not allowing a seamless technological experience. If you were in a program earlier than 2022, then know that we are migrating all our programs over to a new portal so that there is one login to access your purchased programs. If you are unable to access older programs, email

If you are a student from IHTP, AIHTP, or HTPs from classes prior to 2022, we have emailed you prior to March 2022 with access to a Dropbox folder to download calls from your personal class. Then, we gave you you access to an updated version of the IHTP that include updated teachings. That updated version of the IHTP is now being migrated to the new portal. Please note that for some years prior to 2018, we do not have stored information for your prior classes, yet you will have access to the new teachings. AIHTPs will also be migrated over to the new portal.  Please allow time, as this will take us until March 1 to have completed. If you have unsubscribed from our emails or changed your email, you may not have received the drop box links. Please email our customer support if you need the link to your class

DGHs will be listed on our Events page. You can register, and then you will automatically have access to the recording in our online Store. Wendy is taking January off to prepare for this new iteration.