Sheila Sagert

My intention is to hold a safe, supportive energetic space for you to deeply receive for your highest good. There is a power in being met where you are, being seen and heard, and creating a feeling of unconditional positive regard that is profoundly healing.
I enjoy creating a grounded and nourishing container for healing. I tune into my felt sense and knowledge to understand what may be coming up in your energetic system. I invite you to stay curious, listen to your emerging wisdom, and slow down for natural pauses that support integration.

I use energetic tools for clearing and balance and connect to Divine guidance, angels, and spirit guides to support the healing process. I will often use my “energy hands,” with permission, to hold a space in comfort and healing. The body’s messages can be an entryway and a path to meaningful healing. Finding patterns and relationships in the layers of the body/mind/spirit can help people release and heal on a cellular level.
My path in the healing arts began with becoming Reiki Master 20 years ago when I was considering alternatives to support my thyroid gland. As hidden emotions, traumas, and wounds started to unwind, I immersed myself in the restorative environment of the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. As a scholar/staff member for 5 years, I studied and was exposed to alternative approaches to health and wellbeing.

As I practiced Reiki, I felt called to a more comprehensive approach to the body. Expanding into CranioSacral Therapy in 2004, I feel the fluids, membranes, and nervous system that overlay the energy centers. I became a full-time certified massage therapist in 2008 to further discover the magic and mystery of being human. As my intuitive listening skills began opening, I experienced chronic depletion and blocks that were impacting my overall well-being. Through the process of my experience becoming a certified Advanced Intuitive Energy Healer, I have felt a sense of wholeness, joy, peace, and a calling to help others with energy work.
Every person has their own unique patterns and relationships among the different layers of their body, making their path to wholeness unique to them. Throughout our lives stress and strain can accumulate and we can lose contact with our inner light and soul wisdom. I invite you into the opportunity for expansion, wholeness, and connection to your Soul and the Divine. It would be an honor to support you on your healing journey!

An hour session with
Sheila is $120

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