Sophie Derevianko

Transformation & growth have been a constant in my life.

This comes from my absolute passion for humans and their development, and my journey living and working in 6 different countries over the years.

As a business graduate, I initially followed a more traditional route, working 25 years in the corporate world in organizational & leadership development and change management. I was first “officially” introduced to energy work via my training as an integral coach and must admit that I initially resisted the idea quite a bit…only to realize that I had been practicing it all along with meditation, yoga & Qi Gong!

Learning about energy has revealed treasures for me in my understanding of our reality and how we relate to it, and in helping me navigate life as an empath and highly sensitive person, especially in the corporate world! It has also supported me in the deepening of my spiritual journey.

In 2019, my life circumstances changed dramatically and I was given the opportunity to choose a new career path. This is when my work as a coach and an intuitive healer came to the forefront. My clients tell me that I offer a space of very deep listening and compassion, that my honesty and transparency generate a sense of trust & safety, and that my training as a coach supports clarity in intention-setting and the identification of next steps when needed. Energy healing has the reputation of being “woo-woo”, yet it can also be grounded and pragmatic.

I am happy to carry out sessions in both French and English and my working hours are within the Central European time zone (6 hours ahead of New York). I very much look forward to meeting with you and supporting you on your healing & transformation journey!


Sophie embodies empathy, kindness and compassion right from the first minute of the sessions. She creates a safe container that is strong yet gentle. She sets the stage for diving into the healing perfectly. During the healing, I felt both held with love and autonomous in the energetic work my Being and Soul needed to do. Her guidance is graceful and always offered with an open hand. 

~ Luce Beaulieu

My intuitive session with Sophie gave me wings. Her gentle and caring facilitation allowed me to free memories that had a limiting energetic charge. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to carry out an emotional clearing which felt very liberating. Being in each other’s quality of presence, we were able to get in touch with our respective intuitions and to get them to flow together. And from this co-creative dance emerged new aspirations and new possibilities that are transforming my relationship with myself and others and inspiring me to manifest my creative potential. Thank you, Sophie, for this beautiful & very powerful gift!

~  Izabel Coutu

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