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Anxiety: Your Doorway to Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth has numerous doorways. Surprising to most, anxiety is one such threshold. If any of the following holds true for you, it’s worth exploring how anxiety can open up opportunities for you to spiritually expand:

  • You live with anxiety.
  • Anxiety affects you daily, sporadically, or seems to pop up out of the blue.
  • Anxiety affects the life choices you make.

Clinically, anxiety can be defined as a nervous system response to a perceived threat.

However, there are many causes of anxiety—one of which can be spiritual.

As an intuitive healer, I have worked with clients for nearly 20 years  on an array of issues ranging from physical symptoms to life-path questions, from life transitions to the deeper desire to heal blocks and grow spiritually.

Yet, anxiety commonly presents in clients who feel a calling in their heart for spiritual growth.

Here are 3 Spiritual Reasons for Anxiety:

1. Your heart is protecting the future from the past repeating itself

From an energetic perspective, anxiety is a dis-order of the heart or Heart (4th)  Chakra. Typically, anxiety happens when the energy in the front of the heart is too open. When this happens the heart energy leaks out the front. It does this to feel into the future and protect itself from the past repeating itself. If there were patterns in the past of being hurt and that pain is not processed, the heart energy will displace itself and spill out the front. This leaves you feeling very anxious combined with worry about what decisions to make in order to not feel the painful emotions of your past.

Signs the front of your heart is too open

  • You often think or worry about the future.
  • You plan ahead of time in order to avoid perceived feelings of discomfort or threat.
  • Your heart feels like it is racing sometimes.
  • You are over-giving and not feeling given to often.
  • Feel resentful for how much you output and how easy other’s lives seem.
  • Your brain jumps to the worst case scenario oftentimes.

2. You are an empath

A big, loving and giving heart combined with unclear emotional boundaries leads to emotional overwhelm, and therefore anxiety. If you have grown up feeling into everyone’s needs but your own, then your system may not be programmed on how to NOT do that. Empathic people are sensitive and feel the world around them, which can be overstimulating and anxiety provoking. Yet, the empathic body can develop skills of holding their center by learning how to have feelings, own them, and have empathy for others’ feelings, but not take them on as their own. By training yourself to do this, you can then distinguish between your emotions and someone else’s and make a choice to not take on the emotions. An empowered empathic person knows when they are feeling their own energy versus another person’s energy.

Signs you are an empath

  • You sense and feel the energy around you.
  • You feel other people’s emotions and feelings.
  • You take on the energy of others despite your efforts.
  • You enjoy quiet, recharge time.
  • Too much stimulation fatigues you.
  • You can’t tolerate loud noises.
  • You struggle with holding boundaries.
  • You feel guilty if someone else’s feelings are hurt by you doing something for yourself.

3. You are being Called

For the average  9 out of 10 people who seek my work out and say they experience anxiety will tell me they feel there is something in them they need to get in touch with. They describe it as a knowing there is something more they are supposed to do. I explain the spiritual heart to them this way: Our soul’s job in this life is to evolve. You can make a conscious choice to grow or not grow and sometimes the universe delivers a life challenge for you to overcome for the sake of growth. Our hearts are where we feel our soul. Our soul is constantly evolving and expanding and it does so with any life experience that gives us deeper wisdom. The heart is where we feel our truth and our connection to Spirit.

Anxiety comes in when our Ego is still living the past and holding onto outdated beliefs. We’ve been conditioned to believe a certain way or live up to others’ expectations instead of living our truth. My book, Expanding Your Heart: Awakening Through Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening, gives you a deep and powerful journey through this process of soul calling and expansion.

Signs you are being called to grow spiritually

  • You know there is something more you should be doing. Perhaps you are not sure what, but you feel it.
  • You feel inspired to do big things or help the world in some way.
  • You are feeling your intuition stronger than ever.
  • Your heart is pulling you to make a change that may seem irrational.
  • You hear your angels or spirit guides

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