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Staying Centered in Political Chaos

You are seasoned. All your years of facing fear, picking yourself up when you fall, finding your inner Self, navigating your way, pursuing your heart, building your tool kit, growing your community, connecting to spirit and actualizing your visions is the recipe for the spiritual stamina needed right now.

I’ve been hearing these past weeks how hard it is to stay spiritual or in high vibration when there’s so much negativity in the world.

Somewhere along the way being spiritually connected has become confused with staying positive, glistening in the light, happy and disconnecting from hard emotions.

As your soul knows deeply, some of the most spiritual acts of love come from courage to be wise, true, and real, not disconnected from what’s really there.

Living in high vibration is not about avoiding the dark. It is about harnessing spiritual strength to bring compassion to those parts of you that hurt. It’s about loving your shadow enough to advocate healing for it.

It means healing your wounds.

Everybody has wounds, and everyone’s wounds are going to be touched by what’s happening in the world right now.

There is no way around that.

For some reason, we were taught to not be ok with having emotion….and guess what? Unprocessed emotions don’t go away. Instead they get suppressed.

The suppressed emotions then move into our shadow and other people feel them. It becomes the vibe we carry, no matter how much positivity we intend to live in. Unprocessed emotions eventually turn into anxiety, depression, disconnection, bitterness or they get acted out through outbursts, addictions, or destructive behaviors.

That’s a paradigm we, in walking this path, are shifting.

To strengthen as a spiritual being for the world today requires that you make room for your anger, comfort your grief, breathe through the triggers, and tend to the emotions that are deep.

Spirituality has many facets and it’s not asking for you to be disconnect from true feelings in order to be positive in times like these. Instead, it requires you to be still enough to know your own emotional history, what’s getting triggered, and to respond consciously.

With the state of the US and the world, it is appropriate to have feelings about what’s happening. It’s an added layer of pressure to believe that by having these feelings, you are calling negativity to yourself. Let that go.

It is strength building to let yourself have the feelings you have. We so easily want to “Do” to get away from a feeling.

When in fact, the true spiritual warrior right now needs tools, courage, faith and an unwavering commitment to filling your cup with Spirit. You have built these qualities through every lesson that is given to you.

Here is a mantra that you can recite, should you need a life-line amidst a trigger. It was given to me by my teacher:

“Peace in my mind.

Peace in my body.

Peace in my heart.

Peace always surrounding my soul”
You were born at the right time for this task. You are always born with the right tools, resources for inner strength to heal, grow, and to have a positive or empowering impact in this life.

I hope this help you navigate these times. I am holding a strong heart space for all, and I mean that.

With love,

Wendy De Rosa

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