You are currently viewing How To Stop Taking On the Energy of Others Webinar Replay – 11.3

How To Stop Taking On the Energy of Others Webinar Replay – 11.3

If you joined the Live Webinar and Guided Healing on How to Stop Taking on the Energy of Others, I hope that you received deep insight and benefit from the energy clearing.  This new-found awareness will help you in supporting your internal boundaries and your intuitive development.

Below you will find a replay of the webinar.

As mentioned in the webinar, the conversation depends when we are looking at how to heal and clear from early childhood bonding experiences–specifically, the energy in the first 3 chakras.  These experiences are left is imprints in our body that do affect the clarity of our intuitive voice.

And if you were an overly sensitive child, you probably absorbed quite a bit that perhaps wasn’t yours, and may not have had the container to process that old energy.

The energy clearing offered in the webinar last night is really going to benefit you in feeling more clear and connected to your true self.

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Here is the replay of How to Stop Taking On the Energy of Others:

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I look forward to supporting you in your intuitive empowerment.