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Stop Taking on Other People’s Energy and Emotions

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Gabby Bernstein and I sat down to discuss how to stop taking on the energy of others.  Based on my book Becoming an Empowered Empath. I shared how to get underneath the patterns of energy absorption and why the energetic system matters so much for empaths.  

If you…

  • Attract toxic relationships
  • Feel drained in big groups
  • Take on the energy of your spouse, loved ones, or just plain anyone…

You don’t have to take on anyone else’s energy, even if you’re in a close relationship with them.

Give a listen to Stop Taking on Other People’s Energy and Emotions

From Gabby: 

I read Wendy’s book Becoming an Empowered Empath cover to cover. 

As soon as I read the first page, I knew I had to see this one through … even though I’ve never identified as overly empathic. 

You see, I knew the lessons in Wendy’s book would not only be helpful to me as a spiritual leader—they would really rock your world. 

I get so many questions like these from the Dear Gabby community: 

How can I be an empath without letting others’ energy drag me down? 

I want to keep my heart open to others but not get so dragged down by their issues … help me, Gabby! 

I do so much personal growth work, but interacting with this person always puts me in a funk. What gives?! 

Here’s the thing: Even if you meditate every day, read trauma-recovery books like Happy Days and work hard to keep your energy clean, you’re going to run into people who don’t share your commitment. 

And whether you’re an empath or not, you have to learn how to protect your energy in relationships. It’s a lesson we all need to learn! 

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Dear Gabby!  You can check out more of Wendy De Rosa’s personal podcast episodes on the Wendy De Rosa Sessions here