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This divine guidance healing is designed to help you release the suppressed energy that obstructs your ability to express your inner truth. Join this transformative experience and take the first step toward emotional freedom and authentic self-expression.

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Is it hard to find contentment in your accomplishments? Is your output overpowering your input? Are you feeling helpless in what you cannot control? Your worth may be calling you. Your worth is deeply connected to how much joy you experienced in your youth just being authentically you. 

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Divine Guidance Healings

Divine Guidance Healings

What is a Divine Guidance Healing?

In these powerful healing sessions, Wendy connects to spirit guides and angels to facilitate guided healing and energy clearing. You will release years of blocked energy as you are held in a container of Divine love. The messages and healing delivered in the Divine Guidance Healings are directly for you as much as it is for anyone else listening to the session. Even though Wendy may not know exactly what you are working through personally at the time of the healing, your guides know, and you were called to these healings. Through guided healing, you will gain deeper awareness through the guided messages. While once offered live, these guided healings have been just as powerful when you listen back.

Each topic is different and is designed to help you heal on a soul level. Set your intention on what you would like to heal, and allow your body to let go and receive the transformation that is here for you in these sessions.

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It’s time to awaken your intuitive abilities, for these times are calling us out of hiding, and into the full expression of who you are here to be personally, professionally, and as a human being.

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Books & Meditations

Wendy De Rosa’s spiritual writings and downloadable recordings will help you discover how to embody your true gifts — and live the empowered life you desire.

Becoming an Empowered Empath: Digital Book

Discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy and embody your unique empathic gifts…

Being overly empathic can lead to overwhelm, burn out, and chronic health issues. Personal growth work and clearing or reinforcing your chakras and auric field is not enough to shift this life-long pattern.


What are chakras, energy healing, and how does it all work? Energy Healing Through the Chakras: A Guide to Self-Healing answers these questions through an experiential approach to understanding how energy works in the body. Receive a digital version of the book along with audio downloads!

Expanding Your Heart Book: Digital Book

Transform the chaos and pain of personal struggle into a deeper connection to the Divine and your truest self with Expanding Your Heart Wendy introduces the Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening to guide readers to work through life challenges as a way to open and expand the heart.

Already purchased the book? Continue your journey with these meditations!