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How to Survive the Holidays as a Sensitive or Empath

Because taking care of your energy is so important to overall health, I’m inspired to offer you some reminders of how to take care of your energy during the holidays… which is often energetic trigger territory!

Care for your Nervous System

During the holidays (and in life in general) we can ignore or push past our nervous system’s signals. Our nervous system responds to energy – which can contribute to emotional, physical, and psychological stress. This stress can accelerate the nervous system or become numb. Practice noticing when your nervous system is activated and then implement tools of grounding, self care, self soothing, movement, inner awareness, and deep breathing to help your nervous system stay regulated during a hectic season.

Create specific acts of Self Love

Tending to yourself counterbalances the outpouring of giving or managing a long list. Yet, not every act of self-care is going to me the need of deep love. Sometimes self love is having appropriate boundaries or checking in with yourself first before agreeing to what’s being asked of you. The only way you’ll know what acts of self love are best for you, is to check in with yourself and what would feel good to you or your inner child.

Ground your body

Grounding is the most important energetic action in your body… for everything! Clear intuition, depletion, managing energy, stress reduction, connecting to yourself, and so much more. Grounding your body through the holidays helps you and everyone else around you. Here are some of my tips to help with grounding.

Give with intentions that are meaningful to you

Giving out of obligation never feels good. When you give a prayer or intention to someone, what do you say? When you gift give, what does it feel like to pause and infuse offering with the words and intention of what you really want to give to this person? This energy is felt in the gift when received. It also feels good to be in the intentional space… You get something out of giving with intentions that are meaningful to you.

Be grateful you do not have to force yourself to be grateful

Gratitude brings us right into our hearts and in alignment with the Divine. It is one of the highest states of the heart. Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, yet not everyone feels gratitude on this particular day of the year. If you do not feel gratitude, it doesn’t mean you are ungrateful… It means you are feeling something else, and instead of forcing yourself into a contrived feeling, why not just feel what is there and be grateful you get to be real with yourself. The feeling will pass and gratitude will be there on the other side of this in its own timing.

I hope this supports your journey through these next coming weeks and I wish you bounty into the holidays!

Many blessings,