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Surviving the Paradox of Life: Strengthening Your Pillar of Light

In the energetic anatomy, we have a meridian that runs through the midline of our body. In yoga it is called the susumna (pronounced Shu-shoom-na) nadi (channel). This is the main pipeline of life-force energy that runs through our body. I refer to this as the Pillar of Light in the body, and when I teach about it, I encourage widening the image in your awareness to invoke the feeling of expansion and fullness of life-force.

I wanted to share with you another step to this process because I am feeling quite a bit of confusion on how to stay grounded in a very dynamic, dualistic and paradoxical time.

What I mean by this is that one minute I’m taking in news about the potential of war or an apocalypse and horrific things happening in the news, and the next minute, I am witnessing discussions about raising your vibration and people manifesting their dreams.

Where do you land when opposite information creates such an emotional reaction?

I can’t necessarily assume you are having the same experience of feeling the paradox of the word right now, but what I can say is that, if you are, strengthening your pillar of light will increase your capacity to hold the duality of the paradox.

Why? Because, in the energetic body, the Pillar of Light represents the Truth of our Soul. Typically, nothing should be in your Pillar, but your Soul and God (Divine Light). It’s not always the case because life experiences can impact us deeply, which form energetic imprints on our Soul. Another phrase for that is our “hard-wiring”. It becomes our work to heal what isn’t serving us going forward.

Clearing your Pillar of Light, however, can help move deep-seeded energy.

The reason this can be a helpful practice right now is that with all that is infiltrating the energetic field each day, we don’t know what’s true!!

Yet, the Truth, with the capital “T” resides in your Pillar of Light.

So, spending some time meditating on this big channel of light in your body while running clear, clean light through it, can help you tune in more deeply to your soul’s Truth– which communicates to you through your intuition.

Here’s the practice:

• Sit and imagine light clearing your Pillar of Light from the crown of your head to your tailbone and pelvic floor.

• Notice if there are any stuck spots or sensations.

• Keep Breathing and allowing more light

• Then sit, tune in and connect to the light in your Pillar

• Listen

• What is your soul asking of you? What messages come through?

• Stay as long as you need to.

Grounding includes going inward. So as what’s happening around you may not feel grounded, I highly recommend finding the time to go inward to visualize strengthening your Pillar of Light.

This will help so much right now.

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With love,


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