Teresa Jones

Hello and welcome, I am so glad you are here.

It has always been intriguing to me how our relationships and life events shape our emotions and as a result, affect how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. The events in our lives happen and sometimes, without realizing it, our inner light becomes dimmer.

The root of who we are, our true beautiful essence, can become clouded and we forget how to shine. That light is still there, and while it may be clouded with grief, anxiety, or self-doubt; we can work together to guide you to your inner light for you to feel your authentic beautiful soul again.

I’ve always had a knowing and feeling sense within myself and for others throughout my life. In my experience when I was not following my true calling, the whispers and nudges that God gave me became louder to try to get my attention.  I ended up needing intensive Myofascial Release for my injuries, grief, and pain.  Through that modality of healing, I learned how the body remembers everything, and when we don’t allow ourselves to process and feel things, they become stuck and cause discomfort and pain.  That path led me to Wendy and the School of Intuitive Studies and the path along with my inner light became very clear.

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Combining my training as a Certified Advanced Intuitive Healer and a Reiki Master, I will help guide you to uncover and begin to heal things that are holding you back from your true essence. I would like to offer a loving, supportive, and safe space for you to find your way back to your own true light.


My experience with Teresa has been life changing. I was hanging on to things I was not even aware of until she helped me find them. Teresa created a safe space for me to explore. She has been supportive throughout my journey. At the start of one of my treatments, she told me she wrote down a word and would tell me what it was as the appointment progressed. This indicated to me that Teresa took the time to prepare for my treatment, which meant so much. It showed me that she truly cares. Not surprisingly, her word was spot on. Teresa is innately gifted, focused, and trustworthy. With Teresa’s insight and support, I feel like I can weather the worst of storms.


An hour session with
Teresa is $120

You can also purchase a package of (3) 1-hour sessions for $320

One Private Healing Session and three 30-Minute Check-in

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