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Freeing the Voice and Healing the Throat Chakra: The Power of Vocal Expression

I grew up a singer.  While it is not something I talk about much anymore, it was a way of life for me. As a singer-songwriter, I sang in choirs, theater productions, recording studios, and stages around the country. Music helped me heal wounds from my past, and I thought singing would be my future. 

This dream came to a screeching halt when my guitar, all my charts, journals, and musical equipment were stolen from my car in San Francisco.  

The loss was tremendous, but I now see that I was being Divinely redirected. My life changed and I needed to let go of what I loved wholeheartedly to embrace something that would open my heart and my life even further. 

It was my call to become an intuitive healer. Those needing healing were always there, I just needed to say “yes” and commit to it in a bigger way.

A couple of years after my daughter was born, I felt the need to heal my throat chakra and the loss through singing– specifically singing harmonies.  So I joined an acapella class and spent a few semesters singing my heart out in harmony with a group that fed my soul on many levels

Since then, I have always wanted to do group circle singing. Circle singing is where a group of people organize in a circle according to sections – a rhythm section, base, alto and soprano.  The “song” would be improvised and created on the spot. 

Those who felt that they couldn’t carry a tune or sing could always find a place in the circle as a part of the rhythm section. They would always surprise themselves with what did come out!  

I have always wanted to give it a try to lead a circle singing because freeing the voice is so healing and cathartic, harmonies take vibration to another level. I knew it would awaken, inspire and transmute blocked energy. 

Bobby McFerran is a notable leader of circle singing who has inspired groups around the world with this style of singing.  

So last year at my retreat in Costa Rica, I gave it a try with the group. It was SO FUN and powerful to see the creativity come from the group. 

It was soul-freeing, vibrationally healing, and profound.

Some said I was glowing after. It was soul shine in the making!

Whether or not you like to sing, the freedom of expression is so healing for your throat chakra.  Singing and harmonies are just one way to do it.  

And this July, I’ll be doing it again! I will be leading a healing retreat at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort on July 8-15. We will incorporate some circle signing as part of your throat chakra healing.  Don’t worry if singing is not your thing, the goal is soul expression. You will experience an array of healing modalities throughout the retreat….and there is still space for you!

If this, or many of the other healing and cultural opportunities in the Pura Vida of Costa Rica are calling your name, we invite you to check out the retreat below. 

With love and blessings,
The SIS Retreat Team


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