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Tips on Getting the Most out of the Divine Guidance Healings

Have you ever connected with your spirit guides and angels?

Do you know you have them…and many of them? 

You are invited to participate in an incredible healing experience while connecting to your Divine spirit guides and angels.  Wendy De Rosa offers a powerful monthly healing live broadcast where you will receive deep energy clearing, spiritual alignment, connection to yourself and Divine Light.  It’s called the Divine Guidance Healings.  The healing is offered via online audio conference and is FREE for anyone in the world to participate in.  Topics are announced through Wendy’s newsletter (be sure to sign up just to the right) and on her website.  All you need to do is log in or call in, relax and listen.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your Divine Guidance Healing Experience.

• Unplug from anything else that would distract you.

• Give yourself this time to receive.

• Light a candle or create an uninterrupted environment around you that would help you connect to the feeling of  Sacred.

• Take a few minutes before the call to ground yourself and take some deep breaths. Wendy usually starts the calls with some peaceful music to help you feel centered and grounded.

• After the healing, some people may want to fall asleep, some may want to move, journal, breathe or stay in meditation.

• Be sure to drink lots of water the next day to flush out anything in your cells that your body wants to release energetically.

• Some people feel wonderful, lighter and more connected to their hearts after the healing, and sometimes, days after. Some people feel emotions come up.  Both are part of the healing experience.

• Connect with the Facebook Community who are participating on the call with you.  Share your experience if you’d like.

Be sure to REGISTER HERE so you get all the details for the upcoming Divine Guidance Healing calls.

These calls are treat!  You won’t want to miss them!