Tracy McCree

Welcome to your healing journey!
I first embarked on mine about 10 years ago, when I was struggling with myself and my relationships. I started therapy and stumbled upon IFS – Internal Family Systems – which is a therapeutic approach accessing our own parts and often involves inner child reparenting and work. I was immediately drawn to working with my parts and felt more in control of my own healing and life.

Five years later, my mom was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. This rocked my world and our small family. She was diagnosed in December and passed just 6 short months later. I was devasted; my family was devasted. I felt lost.

At this point, I stumbled upon Wendy’s teachings. My soul knew this was the way, and as Wendy explains in one of her books – my heart truly cracked open. I took a few small workshops and courses, then decided to take the plunge and sign up for the IHTP program.

I can unequivocally say, which I have told many others, this is the best investment that I have ever made in myself. Doing the energetic work in the IHTP programs merged beautifully with the IFS work I had been doing for years. Taking this deeper dive allowed me to also heal on a cellular level and shift major blocks within me.

Throughout my life, many people have told me, “Your presence is so healing.” I now am an Advanced Intuitive Energy Healer and I know with every fiber of my being that I am on the Earth to help others heal. I have learned this through my own growth and healing here at the SIS, and I feel blessed to be able to help others do the same.

I create a grounded, loving, safe container; this helps others connect and heal vulnerable parts. In this, I use my guidance and intuition to help explore deeper layers. This allows for profound expansion, energetic shifts, and healing. This is a co-creative, dynamic approach, much like a dance between two people. We both play an integral role. Helping you find your soul’s purpose and bring forth enlightenment is my resolve. It is a privilege and honor to be on this journey, and now help others heal. For the first time in this life, I can say I fully love myself and found myself. I know that my soul’s calling is to be a beacon of light, assisting others to find their way home to themselves.

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Tracy is $120

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