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Trauma and Energy Healing

Energy Healing has not always directly addressed trauma in the same way psychotherapy does. However, the energy healing field has been changing has a result of the rise of trauma and the rise of consciousness bringing trauma to the surface to no longer stay suppressed. 

Energy healing for trauma is more important than ever when it comes to spiritual work, energy healing, and personal healing in general. As we are spiritually evolving and our intuition is opening up, it is inevitable that what keeps us from connecting to our intuition will come to the surface for healing. Those “blocks” so-to-speak can be our life experiences, known as traumas. 

Since I am not a clinical therapist, in the video below, I am going to address trauma from the energy healing perspective and how healing trauma supports our evolution in consciousness. When expansion happens and you step into your light and gifts, ultimately the expansion process starts to bump up against your contractions, imprints or your shadow. These are terms used in the spiritual healing world that may be synonymous with the word trauma

Where energy healing used to see trauma as “dark energy,” healers are now looking at processing wounds from more capacity to support and hold space for emotions needing to be felt and seen. We can not be fully intact and whole human beings if we do not embrace our shadow side. 

In the world today, there is a lot of mass trauma going on triggering our personal traumas. There is a great need for healing unprocessed emotions to feel more connection and to get support in the areas you need to find your true power. In the video below, I discuss trauma and energy healing. It is a topic I am really passionate about, and I hope it answers some questions you may have.

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