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The Truth Behind Confidence and How You Might Be Blocking It

When you think about your heart’s desires, goals and visions for your ideal life are all systems go? Do you feel unstoppable? Invigorated?

Or do you feel anxious, scared, numb or blocked when it comes to manifesting your goals in life?

Perhaps you would like to build a business; find love, step into yourself, or be more successful in ANY area of your life, but when it comes down to it, your wheels spin, you hold yourself back, get easily distracted or sabotage your chances of making progress.

This has to do with how you are holding energy in the CORE of your body.

This topic comes up a lot! So I’ve made a video for you to explain what’s happening in your energetic body when it comes to confidence, the KEY reason you may be unconsciously holding yourself back and how to unblock that energy so that you can begin to bring forth your true, confident self for the world to see.

This video is also helpful if you experience:

  • Disconnection
  • Scattered Thoughts
  • Fear of success, fear of failure
  • Fear of being seen
  • Lack of sense of Self
  • Procrastination
  • Feeling Stuck or in a rut
  • Taking on too much energy of others or the world
  • Self-judgment or negative self-talk
  • Resistance

You know, all the fun stuff  :)!

If you find this video helpful, feel free to share it with someone who may benefit from stepping into his/her power.

With Love,