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Seven Well-Being Takeaways from Living in Costa Rica

I recently spent four months in Samara Nosara, Costa Rica, with my daughter and husband. We are in Costa Rica often because my husband was born and raised in Samara, and we have many family and friends in the local community.

This trip was different, however, because we chose to enroll my daughter in school in Nosara, try life out in Samara,  and take a break from the United States. We typically live in Colorado, which is an arid climate, and over the years, I have found that my health and well-being are affected by altitude and dryness, and I have a better experience in my body with more humidity and moisture.

Yet there were many reasons why we chose to spend a longer period in Costa Rica this time around. One of them was that my daughter asked to go to school there. I believe her soul needed to connect her roots as a half Costa Rican (known as Tica for females and Tico for males). It will always be imprinted in her mind and her biology that she had the lived experience of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has feminine energy with its lush vegetation and beautiful natural environment. As a healer, this was soul food for me personally. Immersing in Costa Rican life and being surrounded by beautiful nature felt as if nature was working on me energetically.

I wanted to share with you from a healer’s perspective my 7 Well-being Takeaways from Living in Costa Rica

  1. Nature is a sentient healer and necessary to rebalance your mental state, heart, and soul.
  2. Listen to your soul, even if the details are not clear.
  3. Taking the winding road and being open to the unfolding allows your higher guidance to open up!
  4. Enjoy Sunsets and Sunrises. These are prana-filled times to connect with the Divine within and around you.
  5. Feel the trauma and feel the love– both are necessary for wholeness.
  6. Don’t lock your bike in your car…or anything visible for that matter!
  7. Things are things, and in the end, what will matter is the memories, the ride, and the people you love. 

Bonus!: When life is hard, remember to fill your cup with what feeds your soul

I hope this video supports you.

And….pupplies! (It’s not ours and is staying in Costa Rica)

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