You are currently viewing Wendy De Rosa offers a healing on Better Connecticut/CBS News

Wendy De Rosa offers a healing on Better Connecticut/CBS News

Wendy gives tips on how to manage your energy in your daily life on Better Connecticut/WFSB/CBS.  Watch Wendy Below:

What is Energy Healing and how do you manage your energy?  In the episode of Kara’s Cure on Better Connecticut, Wendy explains how energy healing works and how to manage your own energy if you are feeling tired, depleted, emotional, or negative.

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Wendy is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Author and founder of the School of Intuitive Studies.  If you are looking to develop your intuition, expand your soul’s light and learn how to clear your own energy blocks, join Wendy’s email list right away, so you’ll find out when her next Free Webinar is held.

Wendy DeRosa’s School of Intuitive Studies, a Colorado school of healing arts helps all forms of traditional healthcare providers (doctors, nurses and physician’s assistance) as well as mental health professionals, complementary and alternative medicine and holistic health practitioners and hands on healers (massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, Reiki master, energy healers…) with developing strong intuition.

She does this through certification level, intuitive healer training programs and online courses for learning how to develop intuition, how to open your heart, discover the power of the heart center, how to clear negative energy and clearing emotional blocks that may be getting in the way of, not only a thriving healing arts and medical practice that fine tunes your ability to serve clients and patients at a whole new level, but your own sense of self, life purpose and personal well being.

Wendy DeRosa’s School of Intuitive Studies, is a Colorado school of healing arts based in Boulder, CO.  It serves a national and international healing community through online courses and intuitive healer training programs. 

The School of Intuitive Studies also supports healing arts practitioners around the world and locally in the surrounding communities of Longmont, Lakewood, Westminster, Boulder CO. In addition it serves healers from Thornton, Fort Collins and Denver, Co.