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Look around, and you’ll see that healers and a special kind of healers, “intuitive healers,” are everywhere. That’s because each of us embody the ability to hear that still small voice within and to heal. It is our birthright as sentient beings born to thrive on this planet. However, for those with the desire to profoundly transform their lives and others, the term “healer” takes on a very different meaning.

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What is an intuitive healer?

An intuitive healer is someone who facilitates transformation in others aligned and in communion with the voice of the soul. Of course, there are numerous types of healers, but when it comes to guiding someone to live spiritually connected, energy healers follow a specific path that first requires in-depth study of intuition and energy in the body. Naturally, this inward journey leads to self-healing, often guiding the healer-in-training to unveil their unique gifts and life purpose.

The clarity, discernment, and deep connection to the Divine that emerges through this ongoing process become tools that can then be used to heal others. In essence, Intuitive Healers are individuals who call upon their own deep intuition to be able to recognize the energetic blocks that are causing “dis-ease” in themselves and others, and offer guidance to clear those blocks.

Who can become an Intuitive Healer?

We are all healers. In fact, it comes naturally to us as humans–some just pursue different types of healing such as those who nurture the physically or mentally unhealthy. However, when it comes to energy healing, not everyone feels immediately and clearly called to facilitate spiritual growth. This often evolves from a deep desire to:

  • Discover who you are at your core.
  • Step more fully into your own light.
  • Clear your own energy blocks that hold you back.
  • Find the path to your soul.
  • Seek greater meaning and purpose.
  • Access your own power instead of looking outward for answers.

If you recognize the overwhelming need for healing on this planet, consider more deeply the examination of your own heart-calling. Perhaps, you are you Divinely destined to serve the world as a therapeutic and intuitive healer.

How do I become an intuitive healer?

The path to becoming an intuitive healer starts by asking yourself two questions regarding your desire to transform:

  • Am I willing to undergo personal expansion?
  • Am I interested in spiritual growth?

Yes? Then learn more about the Intuitive Healer Training Program . This comprehensive course on becoming a healer starts with an in-depth and experiential learning of your own intuition and intuitive gifts. This process initiates a significant shift of energy healing that helps you invoke the Divine light, empowering you to step fully into your clear truth as who you came here to be.

The Intuitive Healer Training Program utilizes Wendy De Rosa’s Held in Light method. Named as such, this training method draws on the idea that we each bear a pillar of light that is our clear truth. By doing the work of each module listed below, participants literally feel held in light:

  • Module 1–Chakras and the Energetic Anatomy
  • Module 2–The 4 Aspects of Intuition and Tools for Clearing Energy
  • Module 3–Heart Consciousness and the Soul Journey
  • Module 4–Divine Communication with Spirit Guides and Angels

Participants have from 9 months to a year to work through the Intuitive Healer Training Program curriculum, upon which you will be able to become trained via a comprehensive, 9 month, supported program, but also have the option to gain certification to become a Certified Intuitive Healer. Of course, not every participant endeavors to become a healer by trade, but by taking this course you will hone your ability to facilitate healing in yourself and others. How you use your gift is up to you. Learn more on how to begin your journey to living a life more Divinely connected.