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What is Intuition?

Intuition refers to the ability to understand or know something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning or analytical thinking. It is often described as a gut feeling, a hunch, or a sense of inner knowing. Intuition can manifest as a sudden insight, a flash of inspiration, or a deep sense of certainty about a decision or course of action.

Intuition is also your soul, an aspect of your subconscious, communicating through your consciousness. Your soul is Divine and a frequency of the Divine. It also communes with the universe, vibration, and energy and communicates to us through the body or through awareness. 

Intuition operates on a subconscious level, drawing on our past experiences, knowledge, and emotional intelligence to provide us with guidance or insights. It can arise in various situations, such as problem-solving, decision-making, or understanding the motives or feelings of others. Intuition can be particularly valuable when faced with complex or ambiguous situations where logical reasoning may be limited or insufficient.  Human beings evolve through healing emotions, and as we become more aware, healed, and awakened, intuition can increase.

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Intuition can also be experienced through feeling energy, a gut feeling, a little voice inside, intuitive downloads, messages, higher knowledge, the body giving you signals, and more. Intuition is the awareness that your soul and Divine spirit are comingling with you and guiding you or giving you the messages you need to walk your path and live out what you are here to accomplish.

There are 4 main foundational aspects of intuition, which, when understood, help with how you connect to your intuition. They include:

  • Seeing – Clairvoyance, or clear vision
  • Hearing – Clairaudience, or clear hearing
  • Feeling – Clairsentience, or clear feeling
  • Knowing – Claircognizance, or clear knowing

Gaining awareness of these four aspects gives a deeper connection to intuition and can also help an individual identify how their intuition works and what type of intuitive they are.  In Wendy De Rosa’s Energy Healing and Intuition Training, you can learn more about these four aspects of intuition and strengthen the aspects of intuition that are natural for your body.

While intuition can be powerful and valuable, it is important to note that it is not infallible. Sometimes intuition can be influenced by biases, personal beliefs, or emotions, leading to inaccurate judgments. It is essential to balance intuition with critical thinking and analysis to make well-informed decisions. 

Overall, intuition is an innate human ability that allows us to tap into our subconscious knowledge and make judgments or decisions based on a deeper understanding beyond conscious reasoning. It is a valuable aspect of human cognition that can complement and enhance our rational thinking processes.

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